"It's all water over the dam and under the bridge. From here I can see the whole past, no big whoop. But try to see the future, aha. And will you get to live in the same future you see, double aha. And if you live in a certain future you did not see, will you then see it. How much does the future influence the past. Is the future the pre-story to history. I don't know... I don't know." (11/10/2001 - B#36)

"New York, it's changed. It's frightened and it is also uncertain. People were nice; is this New York. In the South, it's out of courtesy, hospitality. New York is more like
Sodom: They had to welcome strangers, but they were fearful of the unknown.

"New York is in uncharted waters.And if they chart them, they might find
Judge Crater and Hoffa. But no, they were over here... but just for an instant. Now they are moving, as parts, into new entities. Here a Jimmy, there a Jimmy, everywhere a Jimmy-immy (disassembled). So even spiritually, he's missing. Psychics are stumped, which is why. Sometimes in crimes, they are stumped. If the entity ain't a entity no more, guess you can't get vibes from that--which also explains why John Edward only gets relatively good relatives. The bad ones are not available... leave a message after the tone. So, you can't channel Hitler. You could do it if you weren't defined in time, but you are. The time when they were is still, but you are in a different strand. We can, but only a little. But give me eternity, and I'll be able to. What we do can connect to any point in your time, but what is your time. So, what was was, but is not... but is.

"I can connect, but I cannot totally participate, unless that strand is somehow the strand of one of the elements of my entity. Look, someday we all will be one, and I will get access to all of Dad's connections, and vice versa. But now he is connected to some dimensions that I am not, and vice versa. So, I can access all the strands common to us, and in growing complexity, more strands become common. Although a few strands stretch, and need to be retuned... then with a 5-string banjo it gets worse, and a 12-string guitar, forget it. What am I saying. I don't know. Arrrrrf? You're right, Sandy. Arrrr? I got lost in language. Enough. I gotta go." (12/14/2001 - B#37)

"So, is a day part of a year or does a year contain days. Is the ocean made of water or is water part of the ocean. Don't get me started... I could go on and on and on and on. Is energy part of something greater or is something greater created out of energy. See, you can't tell because there is no innate differentiation. So, stop. Just stop all the talk of either/or and talk instead of and, or I will come and separate you into the parts you insist on naming.

"Either you get it or it gets you, and it gets to you, and knows where you live. And then there was the Mafia squid hit, and he went to
sleep with the humans. Picture the world from an aquatic point of view: 'O God, he aspirated. I saw him go right up to the surface and float there.' 'Bobby, stay away from the edge of the air.' It's all perspective... except for the part that isn't." (1/29/2002 - B#38)

"Now I am going to speak about
11:11. If you were born on June 12, you would find that you would keep seeing 6, 12. You see what are patterns for you. That's all. And guess what, numbers don't mean anything until you assign value. So before about 1965, 911 meant nada. Then it meant emergencies, and then it meant ... well, you know. But later, it might mean candy, or whatever.

"A wise charlatan will pick a number and predict its future significance, and sooner or later, aha. So, listen closely. In a time to come, not sooner than a hundred years nor more than one thousand, the number 505 will be the sign of great joy! I like it. It's mine. What is 1% more than 500. What time does the 5:05 leave from DC. Aha. What is the predicted number hidden in
Levi's commercials, etc., etc., etc. And I'm very happee weeth eet. I have onlee 501 more things to say... but not now." (8/11/2002 - B#39)

"A time of renewal often needs a time of tribulation to get it started." (11/7/2002 - B#40)

"Letting go of some things will be easier than holding on. That's another piece of the matrix. Trying to superimpose then on now just screws up both. The best way to corrupt what you see as the past is to try to make it part of the present, because you won't bring along everything, and so both memory and reality will be corrupted.

"Real memories don't need objects, because they are spiritual. And if you can remember how good your favorite sandwich tasted when you were 12... can you remember? Well here it is, 45 years old, yuck. Let it inform what you make today, but don't try to bring it back, it's a tad bit moldy.
Miss Havisham is the model for bad behaviour. So see the object and remember, and let go of the object and still remember--gone but remembered. It is sad now, but it won't be in the long run. Got to let go of the past to get to the future... unless you really really like stale bread.

"And you can't see what's here if you only look at and for what's there. Look for new sources. Imagine the life on many a tourist island. Each year the storefronts are all rented, but very few have continuity from year to year. So, even trying to stay the same don't work. Every moment at the same instant of creation, but every moment a different piece of Creation. So, do it to let go and let grow.

"So let this all be for simplicity, which is a very spiritual concept. You know what we have here? Nada, and all. So, that's it." (5/30/2003 - B#41)

"Real change involves real change, letting go. Otherwise, life becomes a reprise. You can only rehearse what you have hearsed. Find the future, it's waiting for you. 'Now boarding on Track 28, the Future: for places you've never been, and experiences you don't want to miss. Deluxe cars only. Reduced fares and 10-ride tickets not accepted.'

"The future is not a comparison. Be there. Ideas stand alone in the future on the basis of their integrity, not their pedigree. Look, there's a gree, let's pet him. He's so cute. Look, he's cured. Let's pet a cured.

"Unless you are willing to part with the past, you'll end up without any present. And you will also lose the past, because you'll have locked it in a past tense. The only meaningful past is the one revealed in the present. Remember, yes, but obsess, no.

"It's ok to forget. Nothing is lost. Nothing is lost. But trying to keep it the way it was, can rob it of its essence. Good memories ebb and flow. They aren't static.

"And if you need physical reminders... welll, how much help do you think they'll be here. I took what matters, and see: I still remember. What's your name? <grin>" (7/8/2003 - B#42)

"Ok, one big thought: A
radio wave goes forth from the Earth. It is sending the message 'And now, the top song of today.' *Play song* Ok, now, in a lot of light years the signal gets to Rodenta (a far-off planet in another backwater of the universe) and something there receives the signal and hears the top song of today. Is it the top song of today or that day... or is there a difference.

"Two thoughts from someone who doesn't think: That day there, which is separated from this day here by many years, are practically the same time. So there must not be any time... or else there is time, but time is not discrete, rather it is like a ribbon of being. And since it would be possible to intersect with the song at various points in a variety of orders, it is a nonlinear ribbon--more like a woven band.

"And here's where I'm going with this: Everything from spirit is radiating outward, and what you are doing is grabbing a piece of that ribbon. But the whole ribbon is always there, just as the whole song is always available, if not there, so to speak. Just because you are only aware of the bar or measure you are hearing, doesn't mean the rest isn't there... or here.... or whatever. Here's a new word: mooever. Anymoo, mooever.

"Premonitions are simply tapping into realities before they fully pass by. Think about a boat... no, not that one, a big boat. Before it passes, the water ripples, and you can feel it approach. 'Hum, white man come soon. I put ear to iron rail and hear iron horse not yet here.' There are many ways to presage an event, if we can tune into the right stuff.

"Now, back on Rodenta, what if no one or thing received the signals as they go by. Does that mean they are not there? No, so around us spins an infinite reality, of which we only become aware of the tiniest part because we don't have or don't use or don't believe the receivers we have. Just a pondering for today. Enough." (7/11/2003 - B#43)

"oooOOOooo... The clock strikes 12 and the spirits are awake. 'I'm not!' Aaaarrrrrf. And so the physical and spirit worlds touch, and
all the saints can't stop it. It's our night to frolic. Ok, I'll wear the pantyhose.

"Now, here's the one serious note of the evening: Is it that the veil thins, or is it that the humans are less dense. Maybe with the guise of fun, they can let their guard down... oooOOOooo." (10/31/2003 - B#44)

"Speak you order in? If consequential time not is, order nothing means. Here comes TC and PoochMc... FRA... fra... goow. On on on on... pans. Right around turn. Ok... ARF... ees better, no? Eet ees better than cats. Hi. Who were those spirits... o, us. Caught myself coming and going. Whoa.

"And in the other verse, people wake up in a fancy bed, then get into a hospital bed, and then go home and feel much better, and then they work, but over the years they become less accomplished, so they go to school, but progressively they know less, and finally they have to be cared for until they disappear into their children. At least, it looks that way from the other verse. Many verses make the universe. Someone going too fast would see human life like that. But not me... or him... but he would." (4/9/2004 - B#45)

"Now about accessing your all from your present particular. Not hard at all, but not easy at all. You just have to give up your present being-state, and hold onto your present being-state. How? Many ways. But all that suggest you renounce Now don't do it. You have to know your Now as a tool. I will give an analogy.

"Sometimes an artist gets lost in her music. All the lessons of the past and all the promise of the future are caught in a moment of divine understanding. And it's done through the hands, which are both firmly attached and, at the same time, transcended. Couldn't do it without the hands, but the hands alone don't cut it. They're tools.

"Each person has some aspect of being which, for them, is like those hands... wellll, first-timers may, but can't access them. (And phewy to all the defenders of first-timers. Cool it. Have a cup of tea.) So, to look for someone else's tools--or through someone else's tools--is to miss.

"And don't get too profound. For some it could be in cooking, or the gardening eye. The simplest may reveal the deepest. I'm done! Turn me over." (4/20/2004 - B#46)

"You know, we are intrinsically connected, and we have no connection at all. Without time, both are true. All strangers are our closest relatives spiritually.

"And most people living out the people part of this complexity have spiritual Alzheimer's. They don't remember how connected they are already, and treat most people as strangers. But everything is already intricately interwoven. A new tree arises in the rainforest, but it is already connected to all life and non-life of the forest. It is the seed or shoot of the past, and it is the sprout of the future. And everything that ever was there is in it, and everything that will be, too.

"It's like that
grain of sand which contains the universe. O, I like that: univ-erse... pirouette... also, seers with a mid-pirouette twirl... seers. And even my little dance is symbolic. You see it only because the letters are in that pattern. Rearrange these letters and it wouldn't work, but the dance would spell something else. Everything has meaning. And everything makes meaning and every thing finds meaning--even if the patterns change.

"Those whose patterns have changed, often think they have lost meaning. No, they have just lost the familiarity of the pattern, but the eternal dance goes on--inviting new partners to new steps. You can choose to sit this one out and get lost in nostalgia, or you can say YES when life asks you to dance the new steps. Your choice. Your gain. Your loss. Life dances on. Why don't you?" (5/10/2004 - B#47)

"So, what's on the horizon? Something. Never take for certain what is viewed from afar. It is too easy to think we see something as visionary when all we are doing is letting a vague far-off image remind us of something already known.

"We often treat our visions like hail: All hail is
the size of something else. So we think we see something on the horizon, and say it was like the thing we knew yesterday. For example, when Jesus lived, people were looking for a Messiah who would fit the mold. So they turned him into what they wanted and expected, even if that wasn't what he was. In fulfilling a centuries' old prophecy, they lost the visionary.

"It ain't the future, dudes, if it makes you look to the past. And it is better to say 'I can't tell what's on the horizon, I need to get closer' than to say 'O, I think I know what it is,' when we are primarily guessing and filling in the details from memory.

"When will we realize that we need something more than deductive and inductive reasoning. We need startling reasoning. Sometimes the truth is just plain startling, more than logical. Here's someone who is more startling than logical, Sandy McPooch... ARF. So, does that scan? Ponder away." (10/9/2004 - B#48)

"Here's a watchword for the near future... wellll, actually two watchwords: persistence and patience. In it for the long haul, and in it despite a lack of apparent progress.

"So, there's these two
trilobites, and they are communicating but not talking (lack of larynx will do that). And they are considering how much better their neighborhood could be if it weren't so flat--because their being flat also made it all the more depressing. So they thought up an idea: erosion. Generations pass, the erosion works, and all they have to show for it is a tiny little fissure. Hell, their own spines, if they had any, would have been bigger. So the one trilo says to the other 'Forget about it. Ain't gonna happen. We need cataclysm, not progress.' And he goes off and fossilizes, while the other evolves. And, many generations later, POOF Grand Canyon! Persistence and patience.

"The ways of nature are slow but sure, and the ways of nature win out over the plans of men and women and trilos. So let the natural timetable occur, and be persistent and patient. Pretend you're in

"You will hear the calls to immediate action, but immediate action is not all fast. Hey, let me just remind y'all of
40 years in the desert... or was that 40 years without dessert... pretty much the same, without the milk and honey. That story was not meant to be taken literally, just that the journey's worth starting and keeping to; may not bring us to the Promised Land, but if we aren't headed there with persistence and patience, no one will get there ever.

"If you want to see the sea, no matter how inland you are you have to head for the coast. The coast is not going to Google you and come visit.

"The great danger of hurried revolution is that it mindlessly and impatiently creates new horrors. So, the sure and steady beats the impulsive, because one is of values long held, and the other of emotions shortly expressed. 'I've had enough! I can't take it anymore. I'll do anything to change how it is. Anything would be better than this. See! Those czars don't look too bad now, do they.' Said in the winter of '38." (12/8/2004 - B#49)

"In this season of yours, it is interesting that so many seek the certainty of abiding mystery. They don't want mysteries per se, but want the assurance of it. 'Tell me the old stories,' the modernists say, 'so I can both feel superior to those dumb clucks back then, and also feel akin to them. I know it's just a story, and they didn't.'

"But something primal drives folk to hear what they say they can't believe. The really great stories are beyond belief.

"The greatness of real mythic tales is that they are both unbelievable and compellingly true. And that is the mystery for a scientific age: that the story of antiquity holds up against all modern discovery.

"In mystery are all answers and all possibility. In knowledge there are limits, and the appeal of mystery is that it speaks to our spirits--which have no limits, and are infinite and universal and filled with potential.

"The future is a mystery; the past is known. Even the past mysteries are of the future. Like 'What will I get for Christmas?' and 'Is that all?' Greedy little Ericka... actually, joyful little Ericka, who didn't want to know there were limits on joy." (12/17/2004 - B#50)

"This just in! Universe is linear! Time does exist! Santa has a list. Papa will pay half. What is the common theme: wishful thinking. And the classic, 'I'll be up in 5 minutes,' 'Just fine,' '
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.'

"Most lies are not supported by any facts but by wishful thinking, and one of the most despicable is that someone else is responsible. I don't care who you choose, if it happens to you, you can't totally blame anyone–not even yourself. But a whimsical sidebar: You can blame your elf. He's not going to like it, and then watch out.

"Here's an historical note: Those who have blamed others always suffer in the end. The future belongs to the responsible. And here's one who is responsible for a lot: CT. 'I will not rise to the bait. I am what I am. I'm CT! And if she wants to drop stuff on me, wellll, just replay her recent words.' Ouch. See, he is wise.

"Once again, I must mention persistence and patience: two virtues if there ever were 2. And sloth... arrr... he's a sloth dog, a man of the sloth. We all are. Without time, we can be eternally slothful and still do all. Wait while the lucky ones
fly to Lisbon... where they are mugged by gypsies. Think of all the Sephardic Jews coming from Spain and ending up in Lisbon, waiting for the transport to America, and being told 'Duluth.' 'Oy vey, such luck we buy round trip from Casablanca.' " (12/17/2004 - B#51)

"Does Heaven have infrastructure and, if so, who repairs it? This is a very busy place these days, so to speak and put it on your frame. Too many newbies. You have time and we don't, so these days makes sense to you, but to us, 'Wha.' Just if you guys there were to chart us guys here, you'd probably issue a government report about increased demand and productivity: 'Deaths up 42%, D&C up 42%.'

"Did you realize that if you go far enough away in the universe, it looks like everyone is on the same path? Differences only stand out when you stand too close to see.

"People often speak of needing to get close to a situation to understand, and I say stand back. Sure, up close you can see details, but details do not a pattern make. And in your world, one of the best agents of perception is time. You use it like distance. Get far enough away, and you can see what was obscured by proximity.

"Figure it out, I don't have time. That's a joke we tell the new ones, and we laugh and laugh, and they look puzzled: 'Huh.' " (1/5/2005 - B#52)

"So, it all keeps on keeping on. Everyone expects a big zazaam (because Kazaam is copyrighted) and then it will all be different. Hey folks, wake up and smell the evolution. Even revolutions don't happen overnight. Bread rises overnight if left in the right place... but I digress. And no one was ever an overnight sensation, although overnight I have had sensations... but I digress again.

"Don't y'all see that the creeping pace of change might be all the system can stand. A little here and a little there adds up! Or not. If tomorrow were to dawn with every change you dream of accomplished, it would be a disaster because you wouldn't have the experience of change to prepare you to live like that.
Lottery winners show us this. They say 'If only I had a million,' but when they get 34 million, they don't know what to do with it, but if they got $1,000 they would.

"Just like the person who has been starving: A full Parisian meal would do them in. Bit by bit is better than a flood... or should I say drop by drop. And without time, the effect is the same on the benefit side, but not as much deficit.

"Just a spiritual pondering. So work for change, but don't expect it overnight... that costs extra." (1/8/2005 - B#53)

"I want to reiterate something said long before: that change is often perceived at a point, but it rarely occurs at a point. The recognition of change happens at a point. Don't mistake one for the other.

Calculus is about describing change that is in process." (1/12/2005 - B#54)

"Let's talk about change. Most people think that change happens to them, but it is more like one catching up to where one is. We think we are behind the curve, but we are actually making the curve and then following it. Hasn't some change felt both strange and familiar at once... aha.

"Few changes ever are really changes that are happening; they are ones that have happened. It's a quantum thing again. We see the change when it reaches a certain level, but it has been just below that level for a long time.

"And isn't it amazing how, when we open ourselves (and our elves) to the change, our past seems to fit right in, and often fits in better! If change were the awful, terrible, fearsome, disruptive thing we claim, it would rob us of our past, but it doesn't. We won't wander far from our essence through changes, though we may delude ourselves that some realities are ours. I could go on for hours and hours about our things that are... and are hours ours, I don't know.

"If it really were change, not evolution, you wouldn't recognize it, and it would feel more like an abduction. Change occurs in your known, but not yet fully explored, context. If it were an intrusion, not a process... whoa, then I'd be afraid, I'd
be very afraid. But what peeps experience as change is not intrusion, but invitation.

"And if we could not see it fitting, that's intrusion... and damn scary and psychotic. Pieces don't fit for the mentally ill. The sequences don't make sense, and so many of them then resist changes. To them, it appears as intrusion. 'Whoa,' they say, 'where did that come from.' And health is getting back the sense of 'O, yeah, it came from me... or the former me'... or the former
Miss Alabama. The healthy put the pieces in place, and see a picture that informs. The unhealthy either can't put the pieces together and make sense, or they put all the pieces together and delude themselves into thinking they see something--you know, the kinds who put together jigsaw puzzles without regard for pieces matching, and then say the resultant picture makes sense. Sure! Right! I think this is enough pith." (3/9/2005 - B#55)

"The future is not past light, it is itself, but it may have already happened--just as history has items that will yet occur. But, thanks to the new improved Time, we can keep it all straight. Huh.

"It is not about forgetting, it is about ordering--what can we deal with as already, and what can we deal with only as not yet. Ponder that pith." (3/22/2005 - B#56)

"Time goes on... or not. Is it ever possible to truthfully say it's 10 minutes to 6. How do you know. It hasn't happened yet... or has it, but then it is 10 minutes until 6 that was. 'I'll be there in 2 days' either projects the past on the future, or is a wild assumption.

"Are future calendars facts or just predictions, illusions. For example, on August 1, 1945: Hiroshima. Calendar on wall shows October 1, 1945, but did it exist. Not for the calendar, and probably not for anyone who used the calendar for thinking there would be a future. Time as charted gets interrupted. We call those events, but they are also interruptions of the linearity of presumed time." (3/26/2005 - B#57)

"So here we are, getting up on my 10th. But aren't we all always on the 10th anniversary of something. But what about the 10th predecessory–it's the predecessory of something to come. Are you ready. As ye sow, so shall ye reap. If you are planting the seeds of the future you want, good, but if not, who will. Which is better, fulfilling or preparing. Since no one, in her time, will find complete fulfillment, wouldn't preparation be a better focus. I ponder.

"If this is journey, not destination, the answer becomes obvious... or not... until then. But in the infinite end, it's done, but that's far away. And if you assume your meager goals represent fulfillment, what an empty future you have.

"I always chuckled in school... and got in trouble, but that's another story. I chuckled at the idea of finals. I would raise my hand and ask the teacher if she or he would promise this was the final exam. Damn, never got 'Yes.' " (7/29/2005 - B#58)

“And my Halloween message: Keep carrying the light to minds in the dark. The world will be transformed by enlightenment more than revolution. So be enlightened, not revolting.

“And dance and dance the dance of Creation, and never step the steps of endings, for there are none. All persists. If it didn’t, then All That Is would suffer losses, but it is whole. Ponder that.” (10/31/2005 - B#59)

"So, another
holiday when we are thankful. And the ultimate thanks come from sensing that we have not arrived. You see, if it were that this is the pinnacle, what would we have to celebrate. But if this is a milestone on a long journey, we can stop at the inn and eat turkey and give thanks--not just for how far and how well we’ve come, but also for how far there is still to go.

"Hope is sensing that there is a meaningful road ahead.” (11/24/2005 - B#60)

"It's that day again over there--a focal point of energy, a node on a series of intersecting strands... huh. Yep, strings into strands which intersect, not in time, but in being. And so you have holidays, which are the expression of the pent up intersectional energies. Can't go too long between holidays, otherwise the intersections would be overwhelming--just as they are for people in grief who deny the points of intersection while they grieve, and then something comes along, and the pent-up energies overwhelm them. Just as sleep is a time for the release of spiritual energies pent up in hours of physical focus, so holidays are a release for routine times when the extraordinary is kept at bay by the ordinary and necessary... ARF. No, bay not my pooch... f... Santa Claws... grrrr. Ponder. It's your Christmas pith... a gift pith.

"Everything is about energy... or not. For non-physical, we have to get our dimensions somewhere. Can't use space or time... have to use oregano." (12/25/2005 - B#61)

"You see, other cultures offer more opportunities for energy release. That's why some others seem more spiritual. They bring it to the surface, rather than pent it up. Here we don't, and those who don't the most, rise in society and live in penthouses, but removed from everyday spirituality. So don't get pent up or bent out.

"For example, take 5 weeks vacation, and add in 2 weeks strikes and various holidays (Europe and India and Swaziland and Iceland... but hold the ice). Releases and
siestas and midi. And we work at our vacations, too." (12/28/2005 - B#62)

"September 11 five years ago, babies were born; people died in their sleep; ideas became visions; ice cream melted; a newsboy in Topeka missed Mrs. Anderson’s house; a store in Beijing ran out of orange juice; twenty Sikhs prayed for an ailing friend; two cars ran into each other at State and Elm; in Adelaide, Bobby forgot his lunch. And so the day went, filled with life--good thing to remember and celebrate.

“Yep, September 11, a day to remember because it really was like every other day. And we forget that at our peril. Make any day more special and you demean the rest. Get it? They just might find that, by making a fuss over one day, they will miss many more, and even what was before. If you measure anything by something else, something else becomes the standard. Is that what you want?

“Make the visionary and ideal your standard, not the failures. Make September 11 International Understanding Day or World Forgiveness Day... ‘or International Onion Day’... CT! ‘It would make everyone cry!’ C.T., shut down.

“People will increasingly hunger for the visionary, while the institutions, as usual, will be 2 or 3 steps behind.” (9/11/2006 - B#63)

"Sandy was fit to be tied, so I did. It’s one of CT’s ties. ‘But,’ you say, ‘nothing is physical.’ Yet ideas are real, even if they are ideas of physical reality.

"Here’s a big difference: We in this timelessness can think about time, but you living in time find it hard to contemplate timelessness. C’est la vie. And c’est la mort. Just one of the many differences awaiting the quick... but not the dead.” (12/25/2006 - B#64)

"It’s a time of regrouping and preparing. Things are shifting. Time to build, not defend. Creative era coming through, make way. Not just shifting, but turning--facing a better way.” (3/17/2007 - B#65)

"Hi again, and today we have a great melodrama, starring a mad scientist, played by
LD; a criminologist, played by TL; and the universe, played by MCP and Sandy... ‘Hey-ARF... grrrr-a.’ They are one. ‘Bark-a snap-a. I go-ARF-a.’ Sick puppy. ‘Hey-ARF-a.’

“So, the criminologist is just giving his
closing words: ‘Lost in time, and lost in space... and meaning.’ ‘Don’t dream it, be it,’ says our scientist. And the universe responds, ‘Amen-ARF-a.’ And the universe whispers a single word: continuum. No, not Rosebud, but continuum. ‘ARF-a.’ No no no no no, do it right. Continuum.

“Let’s take time. We have all the time in the world, but it’s all balled up tight like a
black hole. Yes, Virginia, there is a black hole of time, but human physical minds expand it from forever to forever--which, by the way, you can also do with black physical holes. Hey, what do you think the expanding universe is. Continuum. So, time is a particle and a wave. It is a point and it is an experience. And you can look back across the waves of time, and see where we’ve been and then project ahead--at least until dinner time. ‘Hey, what’s for dinner’ is proof of this. So time is a continuum. So, how about space.

“You take a trip through space, and you know where you’ve been, but you don’t know where you’re going--except as the projection of where you’ve been. Maps only tell you space that has been. Ever use an old map and find a bridge missing. Past results are no guarantee of future profits.

“So space is also a continuum and, in its great measures, is always changing. So, too, with other dimensions. Name some. ‘ARF-a?’ Yes, spirit, as we know it, is a continuum from fragment to whole. Ah. So, too, with time and space--from fragment to whole. Other dimensions. ‘ARF-a?’ We did spirit! ‘Grrrrr-a.’ And all those
little wee dimensions are of space. But what about meaning? It falls on a continuum... ‘but it’s not hurt and gets up.’ CT! I’m trying to be deadly serious here. ‘Well, you’re seriously dead.’ C.T., G.O.!

“Meaning also falls on a continuum. So, we experience ideas which appear new to us because they are not in our past meaning, but our meanings will be the past someday. ‘Ah,’ you say, ‘it’s time based.’ No, it’s complexoinclusive based: Is the meaning a more inclusive statement than before, and will it serve as a building block of greater meaning because it has facets that can attach to other meanings. Would you please explain that. Sure.

“In the 20th century, a group of understandings (by the way, understandings are the envelopes in which meanings are transmitted)--understandings about human physical reality--were brought together. So
phrenology was created. It did include other understandings, but it was a dead end without any capacity to become a part of anything more complex or inclusive. So, meaning is on a continuum from the singular to the universal, along a projection of complexity.

“Some understandings get more inclusive but not more complex, and some get more complex but no more inclusive. The continuum has these two coordinates. And I’ve said enough. ‘Grrrr-a.’ Let’s take a break. ‘ARF-thanks-a.’.

“Now, was MCP-Sandy more complex? Yes. And more inclusive? Yes. ‘Except when he tried to bite me.’ CT! He was just trying to assimilate you.

“Dancing thoughts. One person moves to the music: dance. Two dance to the music: more complex, but exclusive. All who come, find places in the dance, and it becomes complex and inclusive.

“And what liberals often forget is that only the simple and exclusive needs no rules or structure. To become more complex and inclusive always takes initial work to learn the new rules and structures. Don’t mistake learning for compulsion. Liberals are apt to say, ‘Don’t tell me what to do. Don’t fence me in,’ when following some social guidance might show them horizons beyond belief.

“Facts are just rules and structures that have become embodied. They seem obvious and natural, only because they are familiar. Ok, that’s it.” (4/30/2007 - B#66)

"1, 2, 3: Continuum. Everything we’ve said about SP is a continuum. It is a mass of information and insight, and it’s a wave of understanding. It is now and then and later.

“Meaning is a dimension, and it has dimensions... oy. Now she introduces the dimensions of dimensions, and leaves it at that for now. Across the breadth of time, the depth of meaning, the height of awareness. See?” (5/5/2007 - B#67)

"All existence is on a continuum, and the examples I gave were illustrative but not exhaustive. Meaning, space, hunger, dental floss--all are on their own continua.

“What you are experiencing is just this point in the journeys of all. Even I am a continuum--back to
Selene and forward to ‘Hi, Dad,’ and beyond. If you make a point or a particle out of any momentary expression of anything, you get something concrete but incomplete--just as once you identify a photon, you have a particle of light, but you’ll never know what that light might have illumined.

“Ponder that.” (5/7/2007 - B#68)

"Well, no one ever said it would be linear! Continuous but not linear, and there’s a difference to ponder.

“All of our continuums are with us always--both the experienced and the waiting-to-be-experienced--and sometimes we sense across strands. Déja vu. It feels like we’ve been there before because the potential has always been there, and we experience the experience and mistake it for the place and actions. So it seems familiar, and we translate that into particulars.” (5/10/2007 - B#69)

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