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A vision of the future

For the past 10 years, Rikkity has been offering Spiritual Persistence Points to Ponder that have included hints and glimpses of her vision of connection. She has been encouraging us to stop thinking linearly, to understand time as a resource, to focus on the positive, to use our energies in the service of our values, to perceive the unity of life and afterlife, to appreciate the abundance of life, to understand our connection to others and always look for the larger whole, to know that nothing is ever lost and the spirit persists, to be aware of possibilities and the multidimensional probabilities inherent in All That Is.

Then, yesterday, March 22, 2006, she said something that ripped a veil from my eyes and I saw connections between what she has been saying that I haven’t seen before:

“So, we haven’t been working on pith. Want sand? Ok, a few choice grains... grist for the mill... nitty gritty for the mind.

“I want to remind you about one of the PtoPs. Every level of complexity contains all the secrets of the universe, but not necessarily all the tools to understand (you should see what passes for Ouija boards next level!). And, of course, you all know this because at your level the basics for nuclear physics were there when the elements were only four.

“Everything for your most advanced understanding was waiting all the time, just outside the view of your previously inadequate tools. And to cheer you up, in 213 years they will be rolling on the ceiling about some of your ‘hard facts.’ And yet what they know is already here, but you can’t see or sense it. But we mathematicians in Cambridge will point the way... or not.

“Was it just a bit irritating. Ah, sand.” (3/22/2006)

As I was pondering all this, I had an epiphany. I saw that all I hope for, all the world yearns for, all the dreams and longings for a better future that are universally shared by every person on this planet is NOT something we have to create or figure out how to get to or strive to make happen from here. It is already here. It is already here, just beyond our view, just beyond our peripheral vision, just beyond our reach to grasp, just beyond our knowledge of the tools necessary to connect to it. And I saw that what we need to do is begin with the vision of the future we want, not the reality we perceive. We need to begin with the future we want, and then work backwards to find the connections we must make and the tools we must discover in order to connect our reality to that vision.

It is already here. And hope can get us there, and get it here. If we have hope, we have motivation.

If we continue to focus–as so many of us have–on what’s wrong with the reality we live in now, on the fear and negativity that are suffocating our hearts and sucking our energies, we will find ourselves in a darkness much more oppressive than the one we inhabit now. If we allow ourselves to be drained of hope and to turn away from the direction of the better future that awaits us, we will never find it. To complain and fear and rage and despair and react and allow ourselves to continually be distracted and shocked by the evils we perceive has never been more dangerous to our own well-being. We can no longer afford the luxury of focusing on where we are or where we have been. We can no longer afford the luxury of lazily turning our backs on the future.

How do I know that a better future actually exists already? Am I simply taking Rikkity’s word for it? No, I have seen it--not understanding at the time that what I was seeing is already here. But if it were not already here, how could I have seen it? This is how I described what I experienced shortly after it occurred:

"It was the day before my birthday, July 19, 1998. Randy and I were on the long ferry ride to Ocracoke Island--the southernmost tip of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It was a beautiful sunny day, sun glinting on the water, boat, very mellow, almost hypnotic feeling. I was in a meditative state, and then.... What I saw was a vision of pure energy. First, I saw a vortex of energy that was quite large and sparkling, and I knew it represented spiritual awakening-type energy, because I had been thinking about that during the day. Then there was also a smaller vortex of energy, which represented people who want to go backwards in some way... like fundamentalists, and also rationalists, humanists, etc. I saw the smaller energy pulling back and then I saw it moving into the larger energy with tremendous force. And then I saw the energy spreading out over the whole world in a golden, glimmering light, and I saw that this would be the beginning of a new Golden Age or Renaissance. And Rikkity told me later that I had been in direct connection with the universe."

We can get there, because that Golden Age already exists. Do we dare? Do we dare give up reacting to the negative and begin acting toward the positive? Do we dare give up what’s easy and work toward what we want? How will we do it, what are the details, I can’t tell you. But I know it’s possible, and I know it will only happen if we act together on our highest values, each as each is able, to make the connections from what is already here to where we are.


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