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RevRandy. . . .welcome bka
Elissa. . . .hi bka
RevRandy. . . .long time, no see
bka. . . .smiles, hi! indeed, that's true!
bka. . . .but niceta seeya now
Elissa. . . .and now we are three :)
RevRandy. . . .heya - you gotta de accenta
bka. . . .how'd the halloween
bka. . . .thing go?
bka. . . .sorry i missed that.
Elissa. . . .'twas fun
RevRandy. . . .It was fun - we all were in costumes
bka. . . .smiles. costumes are a good idea for us shy folk (tho i don't seem shy).
Elissa. . . .rikkity dropped by for a visit :)

bka. . . .she did, did she.
bka. . . .did other people "see" her?
Elissa. . . .o yes, i channeled her
bka. . . .(hope that tone was ok. i meant it friendly)
Elissa. . . .:)
RevRandy. . . .:-)
bka. . . .oh... hey, what does that FEEL like elissa, the channeling...
Elissa. . . .it feels like someone turned the voltage up inside me--wwwaaaayyyyy up!!!
bka. . . .(elissa is going, "randy, who IS this person who is so direct with me...")
bka. . . .hmm INTERESTING....
RevRandy. . . .I hope she knows -
RevRandy. . . .you gave enough clues
Elissa. . . .i love direct, bka. it's a language i understand
Elissa. . . .it feels like i'm popping out of my skin LOL
bka. . . .wow.. that is some description... kinda like you are the electric hub...
RevRandy. . . .even being around her (and here) when she is channeling is like being in an energy field
bka. . . .that makes sense to me. cuz it's a hyper -- sensitivity
Elissa. . . .i was vibrating all day and by the time the channeling came, you could have connected me to a generator lol
bka. . . .hmmm
bka. . . .does it modulate inside itself with the content conveyed?
bka. . . .like ocean waves?
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Elissa. . . .hmmm...somewhat, but it sustains at a very high level. when it's over i collapse and my back hurts because the energy makes me sit up very straight
Elissa. . . .hi jackie
RevRandy. . . .hi Jackie
bka. . . .hi jackie!
Jackie. . . .hi everyone
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bka. . . .indigo, great name
Elissa. . . .hey indigo
Indigo. . . .hi, ty
RevRandy. . . .hello Indigo
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RevRandy. . . .well, as we gather, let us join together in our simple invocation
bka. . . .hi sharross
Elissa. . . .hey sharr!
Sharross. . . .Hi everyone
RevRandy. . . .Hi Sharross
Jackie. . . .Hi Sharross
Indigo. . . .Hi Sharross :)
RevRandy. . . .Let's invoke them spirits
bka. . . .ok go for it
Elissa. . . .ok
RevRandy. . . .May we be connected to all things loving
RevRandy. . . .Protected from all things evil
RevRandy. . . .and guided in all ways Gracious, AMen
Elissa. . . .amen~
Sharross. . . .Amen
Indigo. . . .Amen
bka. . . .blessed be (back from letting dog out)
Jackie. . . .amen
RevRandy. . . .tonight we have been given a double assignment
RevRandy. . . .(as total aside - I think it is time for Ebony Soap, an answer to Ivory soap)
Elissa. . . .lol
Indigo. . . .lol I agree
RevRandy. . . .got to send that to the marketing department
RevRandy. . . .anyhooo
Elissa. . . .how about rainbow soap :)
RevRandy. . . .OoooooooOOOOOOOoooooo
RevRandy. . . .I like it
Elissa. . . .sharr can design it lol
RevRandy. . . .tonight, a two parter
Sharross. . . .OH NO !! lol E is thinking again
Elissa. . . .hahahahahaha be afraid...be very afraid
RevRandy. . . .(be afraid, Sharross, be very afraid)
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Elissa. . . .ok randy, GO!
RevRandy. . . .LOL
bka. . . .hi mtsea
Elissa. . . .hi mtsea
Mtsea. . . .hi everyone!
Sharross. . . .hi mtsea
RevRandy. . . .Hi mtsea
RevRandy. . . .We are going to look at some Points to Ponder
RevRandy. . . .about how we find our character formed, especially through times of challenge, adversity, hardship
RevRandy. . . .so, to start with, let's look at this:
RevRandy. . . . 0,1Celeste:
RevRandy. . . . 0,1"Good afternoon, or morning, or evening. I've lost track of time. And you
RevRandy. . . . 0,1know I was a tea lady, but what you don't know is why. Actually, I was a
RevRandy. . . . 0,1professor at a women's college when the war broke out. Soon I was finding
RevRandy. . . . 0,1myself too often at the depot with one of my young ladies who was there to
RevRandy. . . . 0,1receive her young man again on stretcher or crutches or bier. I held their
RevRandy. . . . 0,1hands and took them in for tea. And then I looked around and saw the tearoom
RevRandy. . . . 0,1filled with strangers, and I knew they all needed to connect. So when my own
RevRandy. . . . 0,1Willie didn't come home, I signed on part-time at the tearoom. I found too
RevRandy. . . . 0,1many who ordered tea but wanted life, so I was there to speak of life and
RevRandy. . . .
RevRandy. . . . 0,1trust and understanding and faith. I spoke of half-filled cups overflowing
RevRandy. . . . 0,1with memories and love. Many a cup turned salty with our tears. And I
RevRandy. . . . 0,1learned so much and remember it so well. I was blessed.
RevRandy. . . . 0,1"Here's my point: we all have much we can do and something we must do and,
RevRandy. . . . 0,1often, something we have to do. Do what you have to and do what you can, but
RevRandy. . . . 0,1never--no, never--forsake that which you must. It is the stuff of heart and
RevRandy. . . . 0,1soul, of saint and seer, of universal and eternal. And often it's over a cup
RevRandy. . . . 0,1of tea or a quiet drink or a sit at sundown. It often is in the ordinary,
RevRandy. . . . 0,1not the therapeutic or the counsel or the solemn. I have said enough.
RevRandy. . . . 0,1Goodbye." (6/6/98 - W#94)
RevRandy. . . .I am struck by the first half of this
RevRandy. . . .as she says
RevRandy. . . .When my own Willie didn't come home ..... I was there to speak of life and trust and understanding and faith
bka. . . ."i found many who ordered tea but wanted life"?
bka. . . .ah
Elissa. . . .lovely phrase isn't it
RevRandy. . . .Here was someone who had lost her love, apparently, and her own life, in a sense
Jackie. . . .Have you read the book A Cup of Christmas Tea?
RevRandy. . . .No
Elissa. . . .no jackie. what is it about
Jackie. . . .It is about an elderly aunt who invites her niece to tea during the holidays
Jackie. . . .she is very weak, etc. but goes to a tremendously great effort to
Jackie. . . .recreate the teas, the holidays of the past for her niece
Jackie. . . .it was all a gift--of love, of life, of memories
Jackie. . . .all symbolized in the cup of Christmas tea
RevRandy. . . .I like that ... what a gift to give
Elissa. . . .lovely
bka. . . .yes
Sharross. . . .sounds very touching
Indigo. . . .yes, lovely :)
RevRandy. . . .sounds like something Celeste would understand
RevRandy. . . .In the midst of the great struggles of life
RevRandy. . . .to be able to know that one is formed,
RevRandy. . . .that one gains self-awareness through the hardship (the loss, the pain)
RevRandy. . . .that allows one to see even better
RevRandy. . . .not only what one can or wants to do, but what one must do
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bka. . . .hi marie1
RevRandy. . . .(Hey Niece)
Marie1. . . .(hi everyone)
Elissa. . . .hey poodle-face :)
bka. . . .and also, what one IS
bka. . . .(chuckle, you guys.....)
Marie1. . . .(hi uncle and aunt cabby)
bka. . . .poodle face
Marie1. . . .lol
RevRandy. . . .yes, bka - because if we have truly learned and remembered, they are the same
RevRandy. . . .who we are and what we know we must do
Elissa. . . .yes
bka. . . .hmmm that's interesting. who we are and what we must do
Marie1. . . .agreed
RevRandy. . . .If there is a distance between those two, I think we either don't know ourselves, or don't act on what we know of ourselves
Elissa. . . .that's when what we do expresses who we are
bka. . . .can you think of your own real life examples?
bka. . . .(i've got my own...)
RevRandy. . . .and in Celeste's case, she became something more than just a tea lady through it
Elissa. . . .we'll ask you to tell us about that when randy's finished orating, bka :)
RevRandy. . . .just the question - what real life thoughts come from your own lives awakened by this
RevRandy. . . .(I'm done orating on this --- )
Elissa. . . .(i guess he's finished lol)
bka. . . .well, there are the lighter and the darker ones. we'll stick to the lighter for the moment.
bka. . . .take humanity in the classroom for example.
bka. . . .ok, so when i was a student at the University of Chicago
bka. . . .i found my professors often BRUTAL and inhumane.
bka. . . .for example, one time, i asked my advisor,
bka. . . .or told him, that i'd read an article 4 times and i STILL didn't understand the main point, so
bka. . . .could he maybe help me? (one rarely asked for help there)
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bka. . . .he snorted/scoffed and snarled, "go read it again."
Elissa. . . .sheeesh
RevRandy. . . .(That's Chicago alright!)
bka. . . .yep
bka. . . .well, because of my own life history, i am committed to kindness
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bka. . . .well, i knew then and there i would NEVER perpetuate that abuse on another.
Jackie. . . .maybe he hadn't read it to answer it
Elissa. . . .good point jackie :)
bka. . . .well, no, i know he knew.
RevRandy. . . .Good example
Elissa. . . .welcome faith and alisa
Alisa. . . .hi :)
Faith. . . .Hello
bka. . . .now, i am a professor.
bka. . . .this past semester a student raised her hand in class and said, "I have read this paper 3 times, and i don't understand it
bka. . . .can you help?
bka. . . .and i smiled and said, "yes, i can. if you look at A and B.... you'll see.... C"
Elissa. . . .how wonderful that you got the opportunity to do that bka
bka. . . .yes, it was very rich
bka. . . .and both about who i AM and what i MUST do
RevRandy. . . .bka - you found your identity as a teacher, which apparently the other one did not know
Elissa. . . .did you write to your professor? lol
bka. . . .oh, yeah, right. their bull whip lasts long
Elissa. . . .hahaha
bka. . . .i did tell him that he nearly sank his grad students
bka. . . .back then
Elissa. . . .he was doing what he could do, but perhaps he wasn't in a position that expressed who he was
RevRandy. . . .but someday you will write something, and that Prof will write to say s/he doesn't understand, and you can then .....
bka. . . .and then, i would say, "why yes, I can help..."
RevRandy. . . .YES!
bka. . . .righto
RevRandy. . . .because you would be you.... doing what it takes to be you
bka. . . .yes.
Jackie. . . .yes, do what is true to you, not a reaction to the other person
RevRandy. . . .O yes, Jackie
Marie1. . . .:)
RevRandy. . . .can you say more about that from your own life, Jackie?
Jackie. . . .well,
Jackie. . . .yes, over the years I have learned that I don't want to be controlled
Jackie. . . .by what another person says or does
Jackie. . . .that I have to stand back and see what is right for me
Elissa. . . .yes!
Jackie. . . .if I just react, then that person is still controlling me
Elissa. . . .very true
bka. . . .contrast between react and respond. one can respond, and it's intentioned. but reacting is without center.
Jackie. . . .also, I want to treat others as I want to be treated
Jackie. . . .and I have certain values for myself
Jackie. . . .If I betrayed them I would feel badly even if no one else did
RevRandy. . . .a good test!
Elissa. . . .jackie, i have had the same experience. i have learned that if i don't act in accordance with who i am i don't feel good about myself
bka. . . .like being out of focus
RevRandy. . . .out of focus and even worse ....
Elissa. . . .like being pulled in a direction that is uncomfortable and unsatisfying
Elissa. . . .and which saps rather than feeds my energy
bka. . . .pulled in falseness
Elissa. . . .yep
Jackie. . . .yes
RevRandy. . . .I remember a time in my freshman year at college
RevRandy. . . .I was going to a predominately Jewish school
RevRandy. . . .and had moved into a somewhat serious relationship with a young woman
RevRandy. . . .and then abruptly the relationship was ended
RevRandy. . . .through her, but not by her, per se
RevRandy. . . .as she had received word from her parents
RevRandy. . . .that since I was not Jewish, I was not a suitable person to be dating
RevRandy. . . .and for reasons (of painful loss in her own family and her own life)
RevRandy. . . .she felt the need to follow through on their thoughts
RevRandy. . . .but it left me very hurt
RevRandy. . . .and it also showed me to myself in ways I had not known before
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bka. . . .what do you mean "showed me to myself"
RevRandy. . . .I had been raised to not see boundaries like this,
RevRandy. . . .and this illuminated for me how much this was ME not just something that I had been taught by my parents
bka. . . .ah. ok
RevRandy. . . .I came to know that I cannot, do not view the world with divisions like that
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RevRandy. . . .That hurt awakened in me an awareness of how I did see the world
RevRandy. . . .and since then I have always tried to speak out against such barriers,
RevRandy. . . .and I know that when I experience it for myself or others, and do not speak out
RevRandy. . . .I feel like I did back then, like my not being myself slaps me in the spirit just like that other person's did back then
Elissa. . . .yes
RevRandy. . . .If I am not being the person I came to know then, I hurt myself in the same way through which I came to the awareness.
bka. . . .that is VERY powerful, "slaps me in the spirit."
Sky. . . .hello all
Elissa. . . .hi sky and sharon and leah
Sky. . . .Hi there
Leah. . . .Hello, Elissa
RevRandy. . . .That's how it feels - and I don't like to do that to myself
Jackie. . . .I agree,
Marie1. . . .hmm
Jackie. . . .the sad thing about that kind of thinking (not being the same so separate)
RevRandy. . . .Even thinking about it now and writing about it makes those feelings almost palpable - after all these decades
Jackie. . . .is it that some people think that they ARE the same because they do practice the same religion, or are of the same ethnic group, but are really very different
Elissa. . . .rikkity has given us 2 questions to ask you guys tonight,
RevRandy. . . .only 2
RevRandy. . . .?????
bka. . . .two's tons
Elissa. . . .and you've already begun to answer them, but the first one is this:
Elissa. . . .what have you learned about yourself. how have you become aware of yourself, especially through hardship.
Elissa. . . .shall we go down the dreaded list? how about you, marie?
Marie1. . . .hmm
Elissa. . . .(sorry for interrupting you jackie)
Jackie. . . .no problem
Marie1. . . .i guess that is a practical question for this moment, but also a question that makes me review my life.
Marie1. . . .i have learnt so much about my self, my wants, my desires, my goals, lessons, what i do not like....
Marie1. . . .and much more...
Marie1. . . .becoming aware of myself is and was not easy...
Marie1. . . .many times it took me fighting with myself because i did not want to know, i did not want to change...(although i did).
Marie1. . . .actually, i wanted the easiest solution...don't tell me about it, just do it and don't mention it after...that was my frame of thought for quite a while.
Elissa. . . .:)
Marie1. . . .somewhere in between me not wanting to know..although I really wanted to know...I decided that I want to know
Marie1. . . .i actually realized that it happened in stages...
Marie1. . . .some days i did not want to know...others i wanted to know but did not want to consciously know about it, then i wanted the change to happen but quickly without tears...
Marie1. . . .but i started to learn (and still am learning) that tears are used for many different things, cleansing, letting go, rebelling, accepting...you name it, i likely cried for it...lol
Elissa. . . .what did you learn about who you are, specifically
Marie1. . . .ok...
Marie1. . . .well i learnt that I am a wonderful spiritual person who likes being in touch with who I am.
Marie1. . . .I like life itself, the practical parts of it.
Marie1. . . .I like loving, unconditionally
Marie1. . . .I like breathing, knowing that with each breath I take, I am alive, and here.
Jackie. . . .amen to that
Elissa. . . .beautiful
Marie1. . . .Despite my daily trials, well, I am starting to see this as just part of my day's events
Marie1. . . .something to do, learn, grow and share
Marie1. . . .something, given for me to achieve something higher...
Marie1. . . .:)
Marie1. . . .I am also learning that it is good to be happy...to feel it within myself and not to set limits on myself. Thanks for letting me share.
Elissa. . . .thanks marie :). sharr, would you share your self-awareness with us?
Sharross. . . .sure
Sharross. . . .I would say all my life I had struggled to be like someone else,

Sharross. . . .someone who was accepted, fun etc etc etc
Sharross. . . .now after the last few years I no longer have the desire to be someone else, just to be me
Sharross. . . .and share who I am and what I have learned- and I have grown definitely to like myself a lot more
Elissa. . . .and who are you, sharr?
Sharross. . . .I have found I am actually a pretty nice person, I have seen how much I really do care about others and try to help them
Elissa. . . .(sharr is a VERY nice person)
Sharross. . . .:) aw thanks !
Elissa. . . .'tis true
RevRandy. . . .(indeed!)
Sharross. . . .but it took me years to figure that out for myself
Sharon. . . .hehehe, I knew it all the time
Elissa. . . .some of us never figure it out...so many pressures and expectations to be what others want us to be.
Sharross. . . .thanks Sharon! - and your one of the people who helped me discover it
Sharon. . . .awe gowan sharon
Elissa. . . .take a bow sharon
* Sharon takes a bow
Sharross. . . .clap clap clap
* Elissa applauds and whistles
Sharon. . . .* deafening roar of applause for Sharross
Marie1. . . .:)
Sharross. . . .:)
Elissa. . . .thank you sharr. now we know who you are :)
RevRandy. . . .Before we move to our break, I want to share (just share - not analyse) another PtoP
RevRandy. . . . 0,1PH
RevRandy. . . . 0,1I had lost everything.
RevRandy. . . . 0,1I know many of you can relate to this feeling,
RevRandy. . . . 0,1I will tell you that I didn't know who I was anymore, let alone what my purpose was.
RevRandy. . . . 0,1I could not even tell anyone who I was for fear of my death.
RevRandy. . . . 0,1Annabella and Simone were not allowed to speak to me of our former life at all, or to each other,
RevRandy. . . . 0,1and Hector had to leave the country entirely. But I digress again.
RevRandy. . . . 0,1I was a nobody to myself for a long while, having no sense of identity.
RevRandy. . . . 0,1The beautiful and simple map I had been presented with at birth was burned in the fires of terror. So what now?
RevRandy. . . . 0,1"I did what I could.
RevRandy. . . . 0,1I lived with fear until it became a companion.
RevRandy. . . . 0,1I accepted it and watched it as it took everything from me and those I loved.
RevRandy. . . . 0,1I lost track of who I was until one day I realized I was not who I used to be,
RevRandy. . . . 0,1I was not who the revolutionaries thought I was, I was not a servant or a stable hand,
RevRandy. . . . 0,1I was not anything that anyone around me saw or thought me to be! I was certainly not a noble.
RevRandy. . . . 0,1And as all was stripped away from me and secrecy and lies and fear took the place of uncertainty,
RevRandy. . . . 0,1I learned the greatest lesson of any of my lives. I learned that who I was was what I was.
RevRandy. . . . 0,1Even though I could not speak it, I became the man who was a friend,
RevRandy. . . . 0,1who was even a savior of sorts to some, who was loyal,
RevRandy. . . . 0,1who was kind and truthful to those who could hear the truth,
RevRandy. . . . 0,1who watched horses and rainbows and trees and streams,
RevRandy. . . . 0,1and learned that being is the process by which we come to know ourselves--
RevRandy. . . . 0,1not doing or hearing about it from others--
RevRandy. . . . 0,1but being who we are.
RevRandy. . . . 0,1I watched the trees as the seasons changed their shape and size and color,
RevRandy. . . . 0,1and I saw that they remained strong and secure in what their essence was in spite of everything
RevRandy. . . . 0,1that seemed to change about and around them, and I learned what my essence was.
RevRandy. . . . 0,1If you lose your life, as Jesus said, you will find it. But only if you look within.
RevRandy. . . . 0,1"I hope you will excuse my awkward phrasing.
RevRandy. . . . 0,1I am not a great philosopher (I even had trouble spelling that)
RevRandy. . . . 0,1but I am a man who has learned the true meaning of purpose and has hoped to relay some of what I have learned to you,
RevRandy. . . . 0,1my dear friends and fellow travelers. Thank you for your kind attention.
RevRandy. . . . 0,1I will leave now and I wish you well on your journey. Goodnight and God bless you all." (2/7/99 - W#117)
Sharross. . . .WOW - that is so true !!
RevRandy. . . .With that, for you to ponder, we will take about a 10 minute break - but we can keep talking informally
Elissa. . . .post the first part of that randy?
RevRandy. . . .I don't have it handy ...
Elissa. . . .bbbbbrrrrrrreeeeeeeaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkk
RevRandy. . . .I think E needs a break!
Elissa. . . .go get it then
RevRandy. . . .that would not be me
Elissa. . . .lol
Sharross. . . .lol
RevRandy. . . .on break I am lazy
Jackie. . . .lol
Elissa. . . .oooo great excuse we just discovered!
Marie1. . . .lol uncle, nice excuse there
RevRandy. . . .I do what I can
RevRandy. . . .when we come back, we have our second part, and some other great PtoPs to consider ... plus Rikkity's second question
RevRandy. . . .so, don't stray too far (he says as he heads to the 'frig for some beverage)
Elissa. . . .so stay tuned...we'll be right back after this commercial message :)
Marie1. . . .ok
Jackie. . . .I would like to stay on, however, I must head to work early tomorrow. Best wishes to everyone for a great week. As usual you have left me much to contemplate.
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RevRandy. . . .so, here we are - ready to proceed
Marie1. . . .cool
RevRandy. . . .so, back we go to our PtoPs
Marie1. . . .i am ready
RevRandy. . . .so, let's try this one:
RevRandy. . . .an excerpt from our friend TJ
RevRandy. . . . 0,1TJ
RevRandy. . . . 0,1. . . the cause of roles must always be the common good,
RevRandy. . . . 0,1and who better to know the common good than the common man or, dear friend, woman.
RevRandy. . . . 0,1"When any believe they are invested with more of a sense of this than any other,
RevRandy. . . . 0,1whether by election or erudition or sanctity, they violate this basic trust of roles.
RevRandy. . . . 0,1For only the common one, in his simple life, can know where the glimmer of the natural and eternal reveals itself.
RevRandy. . . . 0,1So, we are reduced to understanding all public roles as a projection of the greater good--not the slave to laws,
RevRandy. . . . 0,1or the expectation of those who claim some form of special standing.
RevRandy. . . . 0,1And if that be so, then all roles are fluid and serve only the best interests of the people.
RevRandy. . . . 0,1And, as our honored GW has said, private and public are two different things;
RevRandy. . . . 0,1one speaks of my being and the other of my acting in society.
RevRandy. . . .
RevRandy. . . . 0,1"And so I test myself in this simple manner:
RevRandy. . . . 0,1is what I am doing serving my sense of who I am,
RevRandy. . . . 0,1and is it serving the larger good as expressed by the society in which I engage.
RevRandy. . . . 0,1And I care not for whether it meets expectations of kings or parliaments or Congress or even the press,
RevRandy. . . . 0,1but if I can walk the streets of my country
RevRandy. . . . 0,1and know that the vast majority of my fellow citizens believe I am well suited to my role and that I fulfill their will.
RevRandy. . . . 0,1And if it be the will of the
RevRandy. . . . 0,1And if it be the will of them to perceive a greater good without a necessity of examining my inner values,
RevRandy. . . . 0,1so it is their choice." (an excerpt of: 1/15/99 - W#110)
Marie1. . . .amen to...private and public are different...!!!!
Elissa. . . .yes
RevRandy. . . .yes, - there is a difference between private and public
RevRandy. . . .and I think that we often have it all backwards
Marie1. . . .oh yeah
Marie1. . . .that just jumps out ....
RevRandy. . . .the real test is not if the public likes the private behavior of its citizens
RevRandy. . . .but if the private citizen likes his or her public behavior
RevRandy. . . .Have the learnings of the heart and spirit created new action
RevRandy. . . .or do the private things remain private?
Marie1. . . .hmm
RevRandy. . . .So, the question becomes, how do the things that have transformed us take
RevRandy. . . .action, form,
RevRandy. . . .in the larger world.
Elissa. . . .i don't understand that last thing you said randy
RevRandy. . . .which last thing
Elissa. . . . Have the learnings of the heart and spirit created new action
Elissa. . . .RevRandy. . . .or do the private things remain private?
Marie1. . . .RevRandy. . . .Have the learnings of the heart and spirit created new action
Marie1. . . .RevRandy. . . .or do the private things remain private?
Marie1. . . .lol...
Elissa. . . .hahaha
Marie1. . . .that one
RevRandy. . . .OK
Elissa. . . .what marie said
RevRandy. . . .Through hardship and trial, we are changed
RevRandy. . . .but do the changes remain personal, private, unobserved in public
RevRandy. . . .or do they result in public action
RevRandy. . . .am I living just for my own edification
RevRandy. . . .or am I also alive and learning for the sake of the larger good?
RevRandy. . . .Does that make sense now?
Elissa. . . .yep
RevRandy. . . .And I hear TJ saying that he has to know there is a consistency between what he knows he values and what he does
RevRandy. . . .and the real test is not what others think, but what he knows in himself
RevRandy. . . .and if others want to put more on it than what he puts there himself, that is their business not his
RevRandy. . . .and his concern is what matters to him -
Marie1. . . .thought, action, form...
Marie1. . . .Yes I get it now!!!!!!
RevRandy. . . .wow - Marie - yes
Elissa. . . ."I care not for whether it meets expectations of kings or parliaments or Congress or even the press,
Elissa. . . .but if I can walk the streets of my country
Elissa. . . .and know that the vast majority of my fellow citizens believe I am well suited to my role and that I fulfill their will."
RevRandy. . . .the test of the common person - not the system
RevRandy. . . .and he among them
Elissa. . . .not just what he knows in himself, but also how others respond to his role
*** Lions (ADCjava@***.ipt.aol.com) has joined #SpiritualPersistence
RevRandy. . . .yes - that he has acted .... not just been
Elissa. . . .hey lions!
RevRandy. . . .(watch out, the lions are loose)
Lions. . . .Hi Everyone.
Elissa. . . .lol
Marie1. . . .question
Marie1. . . ."and if others want to put more on it than what he puts there himself, that is their business not his" ...how can one not allow others business to not become theirs..how can they put that barrier up?
RevRandy. . . .we are just opening up for personal sharing the theme that one has to express what one has learned about oneself in action in the larger world
RevRandy. . . .I think, Marie, that it is a matter to hear the others, but not to let them be the judges,
RevRandy. . . .but to know that when one is consistent with one's values and learnings, and acts so in the public arena, there is not other judgement
Marie1. . . .or hear them and not allow them to be your judge... basically, call them on their behavior if they are placing their stuff on you....??
RevRandy. . . .yep - judge not, lest ye be judged
RevRandy. . . .it is hard enough to live up to our own expectations, much less others'
RevRandy. . . .too often, I think, we listen to others, and not to our own
Elissa. . . .so how about rikkity's second question? you ready?
RevRandy. . . .for Miss Rikkity, always!
Elissa. . . .how has what you have learned about who you are helped you make a difference in the world?
RevRandy. . . .Let's go down the list - Elissa you're first
RevRandy. . . .LOL
Elissa. . . .lol
Elissa. . . .ok...
*** angel2000 (ADCjava@***.snet.net) has joined #SpiritualPersistence
Elissa. . . .what i have learned about who i am is that i am fulfilled by being able to help others grow and learn,
Elissa. . . .by contemplating philosophies and theories and ideas,
Elissa. . . .by writing and learning, and by loving.
Elissa. . . .so, being who i am has led me to these roles:
Elissa. . . .mother, wife, medium, and counselor,
Elissa. . . .and writer,
Elissa. . . .and through all of those roles i have been able to make a difference in
Elissa. . . .the way people see themselves and interact with each other and so i've made a difference in the world.
Elissa. . . .i hope :)
Elissa. . . .next?
Marie1. . . .When I learnt about who am, and who I am becoming, I thought, wow, really..who me, no kidding...wow. Well on that note, I wanted to know more, to explore, to learn, to be challenged, and challenge others to grow. I smiled and just bathe in my essence... I also praised God for making sending me, and helping me to grow into a rose.
Marie1. . . .:)
Marie1. . . .Basically, I am still growing but I am enjoying watching myself grow. Most days I leave myself in awe's. okay I am done for now :)
RevRandy. . . .I have found that I have a great gift for verbal communications
RevRandy. . . .and through that gift, in the form of teaching and preaching,
RevRandy. . . .of weaving visual images of what is already but not yet
RevRandy. . . .I am able to help people see outside of the boxes of their familiar situations
RevRandy. . . .to show them new possibilities
RevRandy. . . .so I guess I would say that as a dreamer and a talker, I help others to see themselves as dreamers too. :)
Elissa. . . .you're next lions
Lions. . . .I don't feel i have made a significant change in the world ......yet. There are issues i deal with on a everyday basis. I am still very young and at my age to know the things i know now & not years to come is a gift. I guess my contribution is to children. I Teach dance so i'm able to give them self esteem, a friend to come to if they need someone to talk to besides mom. i 'm still growing. I'm only a pup. But i take full responsibility for my actions.
Elissa. . . .by being you you have made a difference to those you teach
Elissa. . . .we all make a difference when we are being our true selves
Lions. . . .Thanx.........i got a little impatient with them tonite.
Elissa. . . .well, that's who you are too, i guess :)
RevRandy. . . .I have also observed that those who think they make a big difference are often deluded, and those who make a small difference do not realize that all the great changes have always started with changes between two people
Elissa. . . .yes randy, but they start within ourselves
RevRandy. . . .self - to one other - then bigger - and too many start with many, not themselves,
Lions. . . .That is soooo true Rev. You know a person shouldn't have to say how good they are.
RevRandy. . . .Yes, so true
Elissa. . . .yes, who are you trying to convince when you say that!
RevRandy. . . .oneself!
Elissa. . . .right
Lions. . . .AMEN
RevRandy. . . .but we live in political systems that focus on that
RevRandy. . . .and ask more for grandiose self-praise instead of vision
Lions. . . .That's why we have complaints
Marie1. . . .hmm, ok
RevRandy. . . .I have one more PtoP to share - want it now?
Elissa. . . .ok PtoP time!
Marie1. . . .one more ptop
RevRandy. . . . 0,1DK:
RevRandy. . . . 0,1"Hello. I don't know why I am here. Rikkity asked me and she's such a dear guide.
RevRandy. . . . 0,1I met her recently when I arrived here. I had been living in the Netherlands--not the nether world.
RevRandy. . . . 0,1I was a grandmother of six by my three sons. My husband is still alive.
RevRandy. . . . 0,1I had been a housewife ever since the day we married. Before that I was a clerk in my family's store.
RevRandy. . . . 0,1We sold things people needed--food and wine. So, that's it.
RevRandy. . . . 0,1"I learned that I was not the queen nor the richest woman in town.
RevRandy. . . . 0,1I learned that the simplest things can make a difference--
RevRandy. . . . 0,1how I raised my sons, how I treated my husband, how I related to neighbors, how I greeted each day made life.
RevRandy. . . . 0,1I did not dwell on the loss of my parents in the war, even though I miss them.
RevRandy. . . . 0,1I did not dwell on the three daughters who died in infancy, though I miss them.
RevRandy. . . . 0,1I did not dwell on what was not, but on what was.
RevRandy. . . . 0,1"At my service several spoke about how I lived life on life's terms, and therefore really lived.
RevRandy. . . . 0,1So I learned that one learns most when one goes with the flow of life, not against it,
RevRandy. . . . 0,1and one remembers best when one learns acceptance. To battle for one's beliefs is good until reality is set,
RevRandy. . . . 0,1and then to live in acceptance is the only path to wholeness.
RevRandy. . . . 0,1And if one places all hope and faith in only one thing in life, surely life will disappoint;
RevRandy. . . .
RevRandy. . . . 0,1but if one places faith and hope in life much will come, much more will come to fill one with joy and love and learning.
RevRandy. . . . 0,1You can't remember the things you resist;
RevRandy. . . . 0,1you only remember that which you embrace as real, even if it is not what you would think you would choose.
RevRandy. . . . 0,1I do not know what lies ahead.
RevRandy. . . . 0,1I've lived many times, and realize that life is not in grandeur but in simple lessons deftly taught by grand life itself.
RevRandy. . . . 0,1"I do not know if we shall talk again, but I hope my words have made sense, and goodbye." (4/11/97 - W#64)
RevRandy. . . ."I learned that the simplest things can make a difference ....."
RevRandy. . . .what a simple but grand thought
Marie1. . . .AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!! more
Marie1. . . .please....
RevRandy. . . .that's all we have from her
Marie1. . . .wow
Marie1. . . .it is a breathe of fresh air
RevRandy. . . .isn't it
RevRandy. . . .simple, wise, pure
Elissa. . . .DK has moved on to the next level of spiritual complexity... that's what she left us with, and it is priceless
Elissa. . . ."I lived life on life's terms"
Elissa. . . .i always think of that phrase
RevRandy. . . .and notice, she moved on to the next level of complexity, and was not a queen nor rich, just fulfilled in who she is
Marie1. . . .wow
RevRandy. . . .So, that is a finale for this session! And what a closing thought.
* Playing txplay20.mrc to #SpiritualPersistence with 50ms delay
Elissa. . . . 1,11!Elissa rainbow.mid 11,1 :o)
RevRandy. . . .May you all continue to find yourselves, and in finding yourself discover ways of being in the world with meaning
Elissa. . . .amen~
Marie1. . . .amen
Elissa. . . .thank you for hanging in here with us marie, and thank you lions for sharing your journey with us tonight.
Marie1. . . .oh you are welcome. i truly enjoy reuniting with you all tonight...Rikkity including
RevRandy. . . .It is good to have you home
Elissa. . . .good to see you back, sweetie
Marie1. . . .it is good to be home.
RevRandy. . . .there is no place like home, there is no place like home.
Elissa. . . .click your mouse 3 times
RevRandy. . . .as long as I do not go to Kansas
* Marie1 giving Rev some slippers
Elissa. . . .hahahahaha
Lions. . . .Thank you for the session. Yes, i better be going too. Good nite all!!! Sleep tight, and have a GREAT DAY tomorrow!
Elissa. . . .nite lions
Marie1. . . .nite lions, thanks for coming
RevRandy. . . .Nite to all .... may your week bring you all you desire.
Lions. . . .AMEN Rev..........i second that!
RevRandy. . . .be well
Elissa. . . .have a great week. i'm not sure what we'll be doing next week, but i'm sure we'll find out lol
Elissa. . . .nite all
Marie1. . . .nite Rev and Elissa...i love you two and have missed you both so much.
RevRandy. . . .((((((((Marie)))))))))
Elissa. . . .love you, dear poodle-face :)
Session Close: Sun Nov 14 23:01:58 1999

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