Dimensions of the Spirit

“Those orbs of planes, they can change relative size in relation to each other. So, a smaller orb in a plane can become a larger one which contains the one that contained it.

“Levels of complexity can shift their order of complexity; it’s not all linear development. In light of later or greater complexity, earlier or less complex-seeming levels can be understood as more complex. Ok, go study that.

“Am I the product or the creator of the complexity. Does my observation of it create it, or validate it. (The or is not about between the two, but about the two being optional expressions of the same thing.)” (12/7/2008 - I#123)

“So, orbs... expanding orbs. And the orbs are in flux, not static. Planes imply static, but these are far from static. They are organic... ‘not to be confused with organza or origami.’ Thank you, CT. ‘Just want the record straight.’ A twisted spirit setting the record straight. What’s wrong with this? Everything! And nothing.

“So, the orbs have lives, so to speak, of their own and participate in larger lives of their own and others–a giant universal quivering mass of whatever. And it’s not mass nor energy. It’s treacle, the gooey substance of all existence. Hot fudge is an expression of the All; so is any

“So, orbs of existence--seemingly, planes--contain our experiences, and also offer portals to their expansion. For, as any orb becomes expansive rather than parochial, it grows to include something which had been external to it. And even if it contracts again, the interaction has influenced everything inside the orb, or on the plane of being. You don’t just keep moving up the planes of complexity, you integrate the experience of complexity into the plane. And when sufficient incorporation has taken place, the lesser plane cannot be distinguished from the greater plane, and the orbs are functionally one, though they remain separate. So you could flit between two planes or orbs, and sense the difference until they appear the same. But while it will feel like you are on one plane or in a single orb, you will have access to all the connective possibilities of both. Now, recognize this is going on with multiple organic, not organza, orbs. And the experience of a more complex plane will open infinitely more possibilities because you are actually living in multiple orbs, which cannot be distinguished because they seem the same orb. But they are singular, yet identical. More later.” (12/10/2008 - I#124)

“So, all existence is orbic, but all existence appears to be planar because the field one is in appears to be flat because we think of things as linear and linear implies planar, not orbic.

“Orbs–glowing crystal orbs–are not connected to anything I’m talking about. Pan-orbic sensibilities–that’s the planar experience. You sense planes in all orbs. Confused? Linearity. We see tiny tangents instead of arcs. ARF? No, arc... woof. Because our perceptions are time-limited, we see many fragments as if whole, but not the whole. And in each time fragment, arcs appear as straight lines. But at least they appear. At other points of complexity, they don’t even appear as lines or dots or anything. We’ve come a long way, baby.

“Ok, film--32 frames, say, a second. We think we see motion, but we only see a succession of stills. So a movie is a planar experience of an orbic reality because the actual action was curvy and smooth and thoroughly dimensional, not 2 dimensions of little film segments. You think you see the whole, but you don’t. There is the
illusion of motion, but not motion. And you can’t see what’s behind the camera nor what’s between the frames. So all movie watching is an assumption, and a planar one. And it’s a flat reality. Time flattens reality. Ponder that.” (12/14/2008 - I#125)

“December is an orb in the year, along with July and October and April and Rikkity... no no no no. But right about now, December feels like the larger orb. And Christmas orb, which seems so small the rest of the year, becomes humongous. If one were to live out the Christmas orb in July, it would seem to make little sense, and not be a smooth plane at all. Put it into December, and it grows and flattens and becomes the territory of the season–even in the Southern Hemisphere and selected islands of the Northern one... and I don’t mean Orkney.

“So, this is an example of how orbs are within other orbs but can change their relative ranking. At any given perception, you can tell the whole of all the orbic components or you can sense the rankings, but you can’t do both and stay linear. So to sense it as a plane, you have to lock in the relative relationships or just go for an undifferentiated whole. Huh?

“You can say God and mean All That Is, and it makes sense in a temporal manner, or you can name all the saints and their relative importance, but you can have both not. Thinketh I thus. Because the whole perception mitigates the parts and their fluid relationships, and the parts set into just one pattern of infinite possibility mitigates a true perception of a whole. Because the specific excludes an infinite number of other specifics, and the whole contains not specifics but universals. Or, to put it in SP, you can have differences or connections but not both at once, and still remain on the sanity plane.

“Pizza as an orb is a

“Have to leave to see it all. Remember
flash cubes. And suddenly you couldn’t see nothing, but you could also see the whole flash. And to get there, you have to give up perceiving like here. So a Heaven that looks like a dream Earth is not Heaven, just a well-furnished spiritual way station. That’s it.” (12/17/2008 - I#126)

“Strings, strands, planes, orbs. Think content and container, ahhh. Spaghetti and Tupperware.
Jello salad is good example of orbs within orbs that become the larger orb. The orange jello mold arrives and you see it has Mandarin oranges in it. The oranges become more important than the whole salad, because the jello is a negative factor of the whole. Ooops, pith.” (12/28/2008 - I#127)

“So, strings: The linear representation of the events and thoughts and feelings and whatevers of a plane of existence. Your lives are strings.

“Several strings come together to form strands–still on the same plane. Let’s call it Jane... Plane Jane. (Of course the
Jains object, ‘This is religious bigotry.’ And I say blech.) So, in this image we see our emerging entity as a strand, made up of our individual strings which are the lines of our lives. These are the sands of our lives... ‘like an hourglass’... no no no CT, go watch the detergents. Clean out your mind.

“So the strings and strands are like the threads and yarns of an
afghan... ARF... not the hound. And the throw is its own plane of existence. It has its own pattern, colors, dimensions, size, edges. But put it on the bed and it becomes just another element of the whole bed.

“The bed is the orb of your sleeping, so it has elements of covers and sheets and dreams and fitfulness. To speak of the totality of the bed is very complex, and part of that complexity is the afghan. And the afghan can’t be itself without the yarns, which are comprised of threads. Yet the whole bed is subsumed when you get cold and grab for the afghan. The part of the whole becomes larger than the whole. When you want to get warm, you don’t give a crap about the sheets. So the bed is an orb of being which contains the orb of Plane Jane Afghan, and Plane Jane Afghan can be the presiding orb when you are cold, but Plane Jane Afghan can’t be that orb without the strings and strands. But the strings and strands can’t be the orb; they are components of the orb, which is just a fancy plane in more dimensions.

“Ponder all that.

“Now about pillows. In a down pillow, the feathers are composed, but together the feathers create a reality that is not in any one of them, and that reality relies on the pillow itself. For without the ticking... ‘What! A bomb?! Ticking!’ CALM DOWN, CT. ‘O.’ Geez. Without our bomb-sniffing dog we’d have to worry, but thanks to Sanford we don’t... ARF.

“Back to the ticking... ‘Another bomb?’ No no no, and not a
crocodile with a swallowed clock. ‘O.’

“Ok, the ticking creates the orb of the pillow reality, but it is only flat cloth. And the feathers are just separate entities, but put them together correctly--with the feathers in the ticking, and not the other way round--and you get a pillow. So, some strings become strands which could become planes of existence or orbs, but only if they relate in certain ways. And another feather might not become a pillow orb, but become by itself a bookmark for
Curious George. Strings make strands that stand ready to become components of orbs. So, enough pith for 1/1.” (1/1/2009 - I#128)

“Remember, all I have shared is about structure, not about content. Because the content that is yet to be is beyond the structures of our comprehension. The great test of a psychic is reading comprehension, hahahahaha... I slay myself... ARF-f-f-f-f-f-f.

“Orbs are metaphors for spheres, plane of existence--which is really a plane of comprehension and understanding, but in so many dimensions, I call it an orb. Actually, I call it Fred. Strings and strands stuff the orb. We stuff the orb, but we aren’t the orb, but the orb ain’t no orb if it isn’t stuffed. What shape is an uninflated beach ball? Flat and circular, but not spherical. Need that stuffing! Without the stuffing it’s the potential for a plane or orb.

“All existence is about definition and content. For example, a sentence is defined as a statement of subject and action but, from that definition, all sentences arise because of content. There’s a big difference between ‘I’m going to take CT home’ and ‘I’m going to take CT home for lunch.’ ‘Lunch?’ Just a figure of speech. ‘O.’

“And the ticking is the potential also. And here’s the strange thing, the definition and the content is made out of the same stuff: information. I’m done. Now we return you to your lives already in progress.

“And every bit of content is also a definition. Ponder that!” (1/5/2009 - I#129)

“Soup? No, pasta. Orbs are filled with pasta, not soup. Soup is a mélange, but pasta is a meal... no no no no no... pasta is a sequence of information. We didn’t arise out of a cosmic psychic soup; we are a piece of pasta, coming out of a cosmic pasta machine–each strand forever, unless someone snips it off... arfffffff... snap. Put the meaning down! Grrrrr. Now! F.

“That’s the way it is. Huh. Meaning is a delicate mixture of experiences, as extruded through the shapers of the world we know. Pasta machines could have nozzles for shapes for which we have no names or even uses... or so we think.

“It is always a combination of the essence of information and the shape of its delivery–just like the Eskimos and the film. But with sauce and meatballs.” (1/9/2009 - I#130)

“Let me clarify. It’s not about noodles and nodes. Not just any pasta will do. Not all essences of an entity may be acted upon, but no actions can change essences. We express but do not create, and choice is differentiating between what to express and not.

“You want more? Learning and remembering is about becoming aware of all of one’s facets, and choosing which to develop and express. ‘But if it’s not express, it’s local.’ CT. ‘But that’s true... except on the IND, which has express locals.
IRT, no. BMT, no. IND, yes.’ CT, shut up.

“If people lived up to their full potential, oy. It would be a mess. But if they lived up to their best potential, much better. And if they lived up to LD’s potential! ‘Hey, I invented potential.’ He said humbly. ‘Well, it’s true.’ Mr. Modest.” (1/12/2009 - I#131)

“I don’t want to leap into a new discussion of the dimensionality of universes, but soon will. For example, what would a universe look like with the time dimension big, but physical dimensions tiny. Ponder that.

“I know time doesn’t exist--and in fact, no dimensions exist--but we will use the concept as a tool. Dimensions as tools exist, if not as realities.

“Metaphors require metaphorical tools. But the use of metaphors does not validate the reality of the tools used to create them. Just as physical reality requires the tool of dimensions for representation and conception, but the reality of physical existence does not prove the reality of dimensions. 'Does it prove the reality of dementias?' Only for you. 'O, I thought as much... or not.'

“Let’s leave it there.” (1/22/2009 - I#132)

“A strand of information, crossing existence as a wave, so the same information can be detected in many places... oooOOOooo, cue the music... oooOOOooo. John, don’t open that door! ‘But honey, it’s just the basement... oooOOOooo. Look, a little wave of light is coming under the door... oooOOOooo. Here, look, see... ayeeeeee.’ TL is hungry, he wants a John! I told him, don’t open the door–especially with that creepy music. But I just let out a piece of pith, with which tonight I shall not deal... oooOOOooo. Don’t open the door.
Put the candle back.

“We will return to our exciting adventure after these messages:

“Wavy strands cluttering your world? Become a know-nothing with Wave Be Gone. Never be troubled with new information again! Available at a mosque, synagogue, or church near you. Just ask for Holy Scriptures.” (4/2/2009 - I#133)

“Wavy strands create universal patterns of ripple effect. I will expound on this another time. Because if it were limited to the strands, then it would be finite, but it isn’t–just a sorting of the more powerful and proximate strands, experienced through the sympathetic vibrations of their waviness. You’ve got that, right? Later for more.” (4/6/2009 - I#134)

“So, those wavy strands, passing along their trajectory of time and space, creating sympathetic vibrations in diverse locales--each sensing the information as local and specific, whilst being universal. A line of thought arrives, and in many countries it is perceived and known as the local wisdom, but it is later revealed as universal. And if we see this in a single planet, consider a wavy strand that crosses dimensions and perceptions.

“And every strand has its origin, so somewhere a piece of information hums its way into the fabric of being. And the small-minded will think the frequency of vibration is the key to understanding, when it is just the vehicle.

“If the limo drives up, it don’t matter if it’s a
Lincoln, but who is in it. Charlatans likes to market cut-rate Lincolns with no seats, trying to convince peeps that they can get the message with the limo, without anyone inside.

“So the wavy strands appear in different forms in different dimensions, but they carry their own info. More later. Film at 11.” (4/13/2009 - I#135)

“So, when we last left Wavy, our little strand, she was passing through the Middle Ages and the contemporary Republican party. And so, both were superstitious and clueless.

“Next the right wing will claim
the Plague was the result of early stem cell research by LD... ‘Hey-a’... and abortion. And heaven forbid that peace should break out. Watch in 4 years, when they try to blame the recovery and peace on him: ‘A real nation knows it is always at war with the evil-doers, and the economy can’t be healthy because that’s a sign of excess, and excess is a sin as any good Christian knows! So only sinfulness will produce a robust economy. Can’t you see, robust has bust in it!’ And so they will ask, 'Are you better off today than 4 years ago,' and Obama will win by 50. He will get 50% more than the dumb ones (80-20... huh... 70-20, and 10 for Ron Paul). The Republicans will blame all landslides on Obama. And our wavy strand will just go on waving.

“Long ago, in the far reaches of human consciousness, it was already there. It began in the minority chances of a simple
muon particle mating, in which the essential connections were doubted and a sense of needed magic was imposed. And that’s way way way way back, and it stretches to just the moment before total complex integration. It is the wavy strand of doubt. It has many cousins, born of the same sentiment. And every once in awhile, or in a single locale, a family reunion occurs, and the experience is not a good one. Entities of all complexities doubt their essence, and the center will not hold... ah!

“One on it’s own is not horrible. It’s like lima beans. If that’s just one dish, you can take it. But if all the other dishes are of the lima family, ugh (butter, fava, fordhook). Just a tidbit.

“And remember, there is nothing now which has not always been, and what is now will always be, but the infinite combinations of them are what spell out history, until all is One.” (4/17/2009 - I#136)

“So, these wavy strands are integral across a whole matrix of realities which are time-divided by the likes of you. Actually, the infinite number of wavy strands pass through an infinite number of matrices. But let’s not think that’s important right now.

“Along the wavy strand, its meaning is more or less intense at any intersection of the matrix and the strand. And since the strand is multidimensional, that means it communicates more or less information at that intersection, and the information flows from that intersection of the strand and the matrix out into the matrix as a wave of more or less energy or information. So at any point in the matrices, there are waves being propagated by strands, and infinite patterns of complement and interference. So Strand A gives us plus 4, but Strand B gives us minus 4, so it’s like the strands don’t exist at that point in the matrices. And other points are big pluses... ‘but we call them women’s sizes’... CT... and others big minuses... ‘we call losers’... CT, GO!

“So these are the patterns of crest and trough, which are but partial presentations of infinite patterns of interacting energies and information. All physical reality is a representation of those nodes... not gnomes, nodes.

“So, we have this wavy strand of some information or quality which runs through human experience. Like love–always there to inform and energize, unless the wavy strand of fear intersects in the same area of the matrices, and then love is lost and fear is unrecognized. Whenever an eternal and universal strand seems missing from an area of the matrices, then you have to ask ‘What is also there?’

“So, existence is a big blob of quivering energy and information, disciplined into order by the piece of the matrices which correspond to the level of complexity, and the wave patterns sympathetically created by the interaction of the wavy strands in that matrix at that point. There, I have said it! Now, ponderless people, ponder that.” (4/24/2009 - I#137)

“So, the various patterns which flow from the many wavy strands, appear as if they were their own wavy strand called history. But to believe history to be a two-dimensional reality, is to miss the complexity. What appears to be ups and downs on any indicator is a massive interaction of factors. And trying to deal with the effect does not address the causes...
so I’ll remove the cause, but not the symptoms. That’s it.” (4/28/2009 - I#138)

“The evidence of a wavy strand is a ripple–just as waves are evidence of wind and currents and more. I will leave it all for your pondering.

“They are actually wavy strands; nothing metaphorical about them. But strands of what? Information. I am talking about the passage of information through all matrices of existence, both physical and spiritual. Ah, you say. Some strands are physically defined and therefore finite, and some are spiritually defined and also finite. We get to keep some info just for us spooks, but the real info is not contained nor constrained by any system of subdefinition of existence, like physical, spiritual, or any of infinite other definitions. What? Yep, beyond physical, which applies at this level of complexity, and spiritual, which exists at all levels but ultimate unity, there are an infinite panoply of other definitions and dimensions of existence which exist for some smaller or larger portion of existence, and which all cease to be in ultimate unity.

“When we all hang together, ain’t nothin’ gonna separate us. Till then, there are an infinite number of matrix possibilities of being, of which spiritual and physical are but 2. What about being CT. That’s the third. We try to humor him, but in fact, it’s true. But if you asked about HS, that would be a third, too. Every specific entity is its own dimensional definition, too, for as long as it is an entity. Ponder that nugget... ponder that nougat... yum, caramel.

“I am saying that every entity, at every level of complexity during its existence, is a dimensional definition, and some strands belong only to it. And the trick is figuring out the particulars and the universals, because the universals will be there when the unifying is done... and
coated with dark chocolate ... and it has nuts ... and late lamented Mars Bars. You see, nougat has some strands of being in common with caramel and chocolate, but also some of its own unique ones which only last as long as the nougat does, which isn’t very long... <bite>... grrrr... snap...no no no no no, Sandy, no chocolate... grrrr... grrr... barf. Good dog, bad mess.” (5/2/2009 - I#139)

“Energy is information in only some dimensions. Yep, there are dimensions which have identity (i.e., contain information) which do not have energy. So their existence is not physical nor spiritual, but one of the infinite others. In physical dimensions, it takes energy to change info, and info to use energy. So they are related... but once removed on their mother’s side.

“You won’t have one without the other and be physical–part of the dimensional definition.” (5/2/2009 - I#140)

“The waviness manifests itself differently with different dimensions.” (5/13/2009 - I#141)

“The waves are manifesting differently with different dimensions. Now,
consider the lilies of the field. If they were to exist in 6 dimensions, the waving you perceive with 4 dimensions would be true but partial because with 6 there’d be more action, and it might not even look like lilies or waves. The full reality of any expression of existence is what is true in all dimensions and, at the same time, what is true in only some dimensions is just as real.

“The square of 2 dimensions is as real as the cube of 3 and the orbit of 4. But the orbit of the cube with the square side is more completely descriptive. So anything and everything manifests differently with different dimensions. And as long as one only deals with the number of dimensions experienced or known, what one sees as real and true is accurate.

“But here’s the catch: If you were to be in a 2-dimensional experiential reality and describe a cube, that would be speculative, not true or false. Only within the dimensions which are experiential--as either theoretical or applied--is there truth. And even theory must adhere to the limits of dimensions. So don’t give me any 6 variable crap and talk about 8 dimensions. Wouldn’t be any better than the pipe dreams of the saints.

“Now, I am not saying don’t speculate. I am saying know the limits, and don’t portray speculation as fact and truth. But also know that every time you get a sideways glance of another dimension, you get another vision of another manifestation. That’s it.” (5/21/2009 - I#142)

“We can only manifest qualities of the realities we are in. But since vision is a quality of the dimensions in which one lives, one can always manifest one’s vision. You can’t envision beyond your dimensions. What! Yep, and those who appear to do so are merely exploring the dimensions further and deeper than others.

“They are not creating new boundaries of experience, but new experiences within the boundaries of your complexity. And your complexity is not a product of your dimensions; your dimensions are products of your complexity.

“You only get a world in which you can make sense. Ok, pithy pith.” (5/25/2009 - I#143)

“So, we have been considering those cute little wavy strands. Of course, they are universal, so not so little. But in your level of complexity, you only have so many dimensions, so you only get certain manifestations of the waves.

“There appears to be so much empty space in your reality--between all thingies, at both the biggest and the smallest levels. Even at the microscopic, the pieces are so tiny that even the tiny spaces seem immense. What if a wavy strand is passing through that emptiness? 'Ok,' you say, 'how do we know it does.' And we say back, 'Because it has to.' If the wavy strand is not contained only in the physical manifestation of one thingie, then it must pass through some emptiness. And since even a single thingie has great emptiness, even internally, the wavy strand passes through emptiness. So what happens to the waviness in the emptiness? The strand waves at the emptiness. (That’s a joke.) 'Hi.'

“The strand waves, and therefore creates waves. But wait, I thought you said it was emptiness! How can waves be generated in emptiness? Hmmm... by causing effect in other dimensional manifestations.

“When we finally become aware of our oneness with All That Is and the complexity of Allness of which we are a part, you won’t find any emptiness. Ultimate unity will not have any emptiness--which implies that something else would bring completion. When we get our act together, there won’t be any gaps physically or spiritually or in the infinite number of other ways which describe all the dimensions beyond our present knowing. And in some other awareness, our very place in it all appears to be an emptiness. If we don’t share any dimensions, it’s like we aren’t there. And with growing complexity, which is the unification and connection of realities sharing at least one common dimension, we begin to perceive more. Just like in marriage: One perceives another set of family perceptions through the in-laws. The acts of inclusion are always acts of attempted complexity enhancement, by which that which is shared opens the windows to that which was previously unknown and seemingly empty.

“So, the process of Spiritual Persistence, as well as spiritual enhancement (and they go together as one), means that we are always opening ourselves to the potential of greater dimensional awareness and, therefore, greater manifestation of the universals which wave by us and 'hi' to us. When we sense something luminous but ineffable is calling us, we are experiencing that waving but we are not yet ready for a full awareness of either the manifestation nor the dimensions.

“When we get a sense of the fullness of All, we are being prescient of the abiding reality in which we have our very partial existence.

“The grain of sand, miles from the shore, can sometimes feel the call of the ocean and sense its place in a beach--even while it sits alone, part ways up a mountain, without any concept of ocean or beach to guide it.

“So the strands of information, which carry the architecture of existence, share that information everywhere, and it becomes incorporated in forms that are visible, or otherwise cognizant, in the setting of the prevailing dimensions. Just as a seagull might make no sense in Nebraska, and corn on the high seas, some things will be there but not seem there because the dimensions of the perceiver of there does not have the dimensional complexity. And then, ‘Ah,’ you say! This creates such a problem it hurts my non-head to not think about it. If there were only a single progressive path of complexity, then what is not understood or perceived would be over the span of a path of complexity development--you don’t get it, and then you do. But that’s implying that all the gaps in your perception of dimensions will, in the course of complexity, fit in somewhere. Like you don’t get long division until you can subtract. So division remains a complexity beyond your knowing, and also a kind of math dimensions you can’t see, until you first move from addition to subtraction. And that seems sooo obvious.

“Digression: No math system teaches subtraction first! Always addition. Just a subtle reminder that all existence is based on a little more, rather than a little less. Return.

“So, you get addition and then subtraction and then multiplication and then division. And with each, the world of math has fewer empty places in it. But what if there is a function (and there is!) that is not based on your dimensions of numbers, which are descriptive of the dimensions of your complexity. You need to remember, your complexity is the product of a vast combination of prior, less complex, states. And so you are the sum of everything understood about the dimensions experienced by, and definitional of, those at your complexity with the same shared-by-connection history. But you know you don’t represent all complexity, because you aren’t yet one with All That Is without any differentiation and separation. You still perceive gaps and emptiness, so there must be at least one--and of course there are an infinite number, less one, other complexities--which have as extensive a history of connection and combination, but which do not yet share any dimensions or manifestations with you. It is not that yours is the linear growth through which everything will be revealed, and yet you are the complexity through which all will be revealed--as are all other complexities.

“In some other complexity, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division don’t make any sense, and appear as emptiness. But they have other manifestations of the waviness, which are empty to us now. But when their fullness and our fullness combine, a portion of seeming emptiness will fill. Is that enough for now?” (5/30/2009 - I#144)

“So, wavy strands manifest differently with different dimensions. Now,
chicken or egg. I’ve already spoken of how the wavies do their wavy thing in different dimensions, so they manifest differently with different dimensions. But they also manifest differently with different dimensions! Yep, they can wave up and down and round about... and they can put their left foot in and shake it all about. In fact, wavy strands are what it’s all about. But not all strands are universal; some just intersect with some of All. They are complete but not universal, so they do not manifest in every situation of all dimension possibilities. And for those strands, they manifest in many many ways but not all, and so they bring their particular and peculiar defining dimensions with them, and embed the dimensions in the manifestations. So they manifest differently WITH different dimensions. The dimensions are their product, not their portal.

“Some manifestations arise as possibilities of the present dimensions, and some dimensions arise as the possibilities of some manifestations. And how do we know the difference? Well, you don’t! But the different modes of manifestation and dimension relationships are revealed by particular or universal. And as you slide more toward All, the universals seem to be ever-present, but so do the particular ones, since they will be part of All, too. It’s a puzzle–until you can sort out if the definition is coming from the dimensions as limits, or from the manifestations as fulfillments. In the All, everything will be fulfillment. If it is universal, what is manifested is universal and the result, not the source. I guess... or not.

“If Creation is stamping out the dimensions as a product of itself, that’s limited. But if dimensions are including every manifestation, then that’s universal. Ok, ‘nuff for now.” (6/3/2009 - I#145)

“A strand is not everywhere, but everywhere has strands passing through. And those strands can begin and end anywhere, so they appear to come from every angle... and not every angel. And odd angels are not the same as angel’s odds.

“Meanwhile, the Babylonians had perfected agriculture and were making a killing at the mercantile exchange. I digress.

“So, strands here, strands there, o so many strands. They make me
tired, so tired, I’m pooped. But I digress.

“So, at any intersection of strands, you have dimensions in common. But away from intersections, the dimensions are products of the waves of the strands. But remember, we aren’t talking about physical here, so don’t replay Physics 101. Just know that where you are, you experience both the strands that pass through there, but not all strands, and you also experience the waves from many other strands, but not all strands, because there are a whole shipload of strands that neither arise from nor which generate the dimensions you are in.

“Time to lighten up. Ayeeee. He uses strands as bungees.... eeeeyA.

“We are in the midst of strands and waves. We are stranded, but forces wave at us, so we feel ultimately connected. Don’t have to be with every strand to sense their reality, unless you mistake emptiness for nothingness. As long as you see emptiness as possibility, then every and all are within your sense.

“And without that sense you’d be at a loss, because it would appear that there are things which are, but which will never be explained. God, as usually used, is the unfortunate reduction of this sense of dimensions beyond us. So when someone says ‘All things are possible with God,’ I say ‘Yes.’ But then they start doing the omnipotent crap dance, because it’s not about power, but possibility.

“It’s not that God can create anything, but that in a Creation of infinite possibility--which is an existence of infinite dimensions, which means infinite strands and more-than-infinite waves--there is always more to be created, and God is within that field of possibility, not as a power or a source, but as the name for possibilities which are beyond the dimensions of our naming.

“CT will now name them all. ‘Huh.’ Very good. When one expresses an utter... not udder, moo... lack of comprehension, they are expressing the ultimate truth of anything less than All That Is.

“By dimensions, I mean the defining qualities of the facet of existence in which the speaker exists. So, I don’t have dimensions of time and space. You do and I did and we will and she will... but he won’t. And for other complex entities which have formed along their own qualities, those qualities will be their dimensions. And they will be experienced in a way similar to what you experience–your physical reality. But in some there is no hot fudge (not defining, but shared, but not universally shared). I don’t share my hot fudge. ‘We know.’

“Could be we are still dealing, at this level of complexity, with dimensions which are productive of, and products of, strands that are not universal–just stringing and waving along the fringes. We won’t know until much greater complexity.

“Maybe we are just living among the preliminaries, getting us ready for meaningful connection with the universals. Every level of complexity has the conceit of thinking it is based on universals, but not necessarily. Only with the hindsight of greater complexity will we know, but then we won’t be we, but part of a more complex us. We be a we we.

“So one of the tricks of maturation of spirit is to move from seeing oneself as the top of the universal heap, and beginning to sense how the more fulfilling is a sense that the real universals are along the paths of complexity--that we are never at a place of development and fulfillment where we should be rewarded, but are always at places where we can see the horizon of more universal being. If you think you’ve arrived, you won’t buy the next ticket.

“That’s it.” (6/6/2009 - I#146)

“So, waves, or wave forms. You had hoped I’d forget? I like to think of them more as wave forms than waves. That’s because they are detected in their forms across time, but that is only an expression of them. But it is easier to deal with an expression than an abstraction.

“Those strands--which aren’t really strands, but they play strands in your reality–have their own presence, which is experienced as wave forms. So
The Great Wave of Democracy, etc.–trends, patterns, which reveal but don’t contain.

“So we sense the strands through the forms which their presence induces in your complexity level and dimensions.

“But the forms are not the waves... and the
WACS are not the WAVES either. Hello, sailor. I bet I could ring your bellbottoms. And so the spirit told Rob about the night in Marseilles, and Jane was not amused.

“So, keep on pondering until you hear the dog say, ‘Wave forms, nave forms, posh? It’s all bunk.’ But the bunk of scientific theory. We done enough damage here.” (6/16/2009 - I#147)

“So, wittle strings become strands... no no no no... wee wittle strands become strings. Strings make up reality, and ropes suggest universals. So, bits woven into strands and then strands into strings and strings into ropes. ‘But,’ you ask, ‘what about cable,’ and I say ‘Too expensive. Use
rabbit ears.’

“And those strings and strands and ropes all give off--or appear to give off--radiation in the form of effect, as if waves were going forth. And reality seems to be constructed on the forms of those waves.

“This is the chapter synopsis: Existence stands on the forms suggested by the perception of waves which seem to be generated by the various levels of complexity as they pass through existence. I have no more to say. So there!

“It is the product of similarities that inhabit different dimensions of being. Every time Thingie A in Reality A1 connects to Thingie A in A2, or B in A1, etc., the connection generates information, which is the building block of existence... and not
Legos. Unless you live in a Legoland. But Legos help to illustrate. A pile of Legos: infinite possibility, potential information. Putting any of them together gathers the possibilities, and realizing them releases information. Take 12 of them, which could become many things, and assemble them to release the information you call a wall.

“I’m done. I’m over. I’m roger.
Over, roger, done. Ponder that.” (6/19/2009 - I#148)

“Time is one of the dimensions we don’t have. ‘Ain’t much on depth, either.’ Shut up. Spatial dimensions don’t cut it here, either. ‘We have width.’ No we don’t! ‘Then explain MCP.’ Uh....

“But we can pretend to be in any dimension. Just know that only a few of ours overlap a few of yours... that one and that one and that other one. Because the big ones in your physical being eclipse your knowledge, and even identification, of the other ones. They are out there as numbers 18 and 23 and 24. You think
11 dimensions will suffice to explain physical existence, I think not! So you aren’t even there yet.

“It’s like a great Roman ruin which you buy in Provence, and it has been updated often. So you think you know the house, but when you explore beneath the plaster you find stucco, and behind that brick, then stone, and then you realize the stone is blocking up a closed window that is not even hinted at by the outside or the inside, but which is similar to the windows on a house in a village about 100 km away. So your house and that house are of the same design, but you can’t know that by looking. So, too, with dimensions.” (8/23/2009 - I#149)

Window spirits are spirits through whom we can sense what other realities are. They are like translators. What they do is so minimize their own need to dominate the scene, that they can facilitate a glimpse beyond their physical beings.

“They seem spiritually transparent. They usually use little, if any, jargon or technical language, and speak in the common vernacular. They claim no special powers nor status. And it is often as if, in a situation, they had stepped aside but you see both them and something more. And the poorly initiated will think it is they, but it is not about the other person but about their ability to be without claiming the spotlight.

“Most people are like magicians who, by their center stage actions, misdirect your attention. Window spirits are just the opposite. By their lack of center stage activity, they allow you to direct your own attention. The great spiritual teachers all did this. That’s why there are so many, and so varied, descriptions of them.

“The opposite of a window would be someone like, o yes, Hitler. Nixon. Ok, that’s enough for now. First step down a long path. A pith path... posh pith path. Parse that.” (8/23/2009 - I#150)

“And now, down the path a little more. You will remember, I hope, that part of the living and remembering of lives is about moving beyond holding onto the past, and being self-generative of one’s own energy.

“So, when one is no longer relying on past and others for energy, one becomes, in a way, transparent. Physical
black holes which cannot be seen through are suckers extraordinaire. So, too, with black hole spirits; can’t see through them to nothing but the suckiness. And they take you in, and all your energy... and your little dog, too! ARF. And even the future. But those spirits that are not sucking but living and giving and love is its crown... oy, I’ve heard it so often, when everyone knows that the crown is cheese. Why do you think cheeseburgers are served at Burger King. But I digress.

“So, a spirit that is not sucking energy and is not focused on the past can be seen through, like a lens. And through that lens of empowerment we see new possibilities, which are the glimpses of greater complexity, so they appear like windows. They have little to block out our view with their own issues, and they are forward facing and so the lens of their being gives us the glimpse. Ok, further down the path but not gone yet. More, but not today.

“In fact, window spirits aren’t born that way. They learn and remember into it. Otherwise, they’d be gone.

“We see greater and grander possibilities through them, but not of them. Some are great because of what they show of themselves, and others are greater because of what they show of us. PtoP.” (8/27/2009 - I#151)

“So, the windows are opened, but will you look or will the prejudices of human life keep them hidden even when they are in plain view? And what about door spirits? Huh? Those who open not only visions but also possibilities, and say ‘Come on over.’ But that’s for another call.

“Some window spirits get hidden by society, which hangs curtains on them. The church loves to hang drapes so the dark inner-chamber-like appearance makes one never guess that behind the velvet is a grander view. But when the religion started, the window was wide open and unadorned.

“So more than looking for windows, look for drapes and curtains and pull them back.
Miss Havisham was more than a character; she was a warning. And eventually the hell fires burned in her sacred chamber.” (8/30/2009 - I#152)

“Just a thread and a keyhole. Ok, yous gots a small hole in a wall. Do you think a thread could pass through. Why yes, I say. But how’s about a hawser (that’s a fat nautical rope). I don’t think so.

“Ok, with a peephole spirit you can see through with some strands and strings, but not all. A window spirit, you can see through on wider strands. But no aperture is big enough for all, so even the widest window will give only a partial view. ‘Mais oui, but what of zee
French doors.’ Marky, they are still not wide open. ‘But they are... how you say... stylish, no.’ Yes, but they are no more open than Victorian pocket doors. ‘Thees ees not true!’ But it is. ‘Mon Dieu!’ ‘Hey-a, how’s about Palladians.’ Oy!

“As I was saying, even with the most open and transparent of spirits, one cannot see all. ‘Hey, I’ve seen one and, therefore, seen them all.’ CT.

“The dimensions included or understood by a spirit are in direct proportion to complexity, and are limited also by the complexity’s separation from oneness with All.

“So, window spirits can help you see through to greater complexity, but not greater complexity which bridges dimensions. Those
quantum leap complexity changes are not visible through any opening of spirit, be it peep, key, or window. ‘How about revolving doors.’ O dear. ‘They just give an illusion of openness, but at any given moment they are effectively closed--just like most political reform.’ Thank you, TJ. ‘Don’t mention it.’

“So there it is, more than you bargained for.” (9/6/2009 - I#153)

“Some people want the magic key, but also believe there is no magic key. And I don’t have the heart--literally--to tell them it’s a combination lock.” (9/26/2009 - I#154)

“Where was I... o, so we have wittle keyholes and lenses. Did you know that tiny
pinholes can function as lenses. LD had to tell me. Because the wave function of light can be focused in that way through a pinhole. He said that, too. So, whether we peek to get a glimpse, or use a glass to get a view, we only get selected strands and strings that pass through. Or, as we might say, only some waves wave at us.

“Now, here’s a puzzler: Can we get wave forms from waves we do not encounter? Those not passing through our hole or lens. Of course we can, you fools, because what we do experience contains the wave form information of the whole... but the wave form, not the wave. And since every hole and every lens is finite, then the best we get is wave forms for the vast majority of our experience. And thus, also, for the vast majority of our discoveries. We do not discover the essence, but only the expression, of most things.

“JC wants you to think of God being that inaccessible essence, and therefore all waves, and Creation being the forms in which we live. And to make God into a form sort of like defeats
the whole megillah. The use of the dynamic term should be retained, and never reduced to expression. Otherwise, we don’t have the wave of Origin, we just have Creation. He will be available to discuss this and his parables at the Star of David Bakery, Wednesday night, next millennium.

“Ok, someone has
GW’s autograph. Do they have him? I think not!

“Lots to ponder. Just another blip: Could say token instead of form... not toke... a physical representation of something else. So, ponder.” (10/1/2009 - I#155)

“Here’s a teaser: You always want the largest keyhole or peephole or the most inclusive lens you can find, because that will let in the most strands and waves, leaving you with the largest number of wave forms or information.

“The Bigtime isn’t about itself, but what it reveals. Ponder the teaser...
and the Firecat. O my.” (10/9/2009 - I#156)

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